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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
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Thank You For The Hearts! I Heart DU for being here for us.

This thought just smacked me in the head

this morning. Trump is living vicariously through his base. He hates his own life; he's unable to become who and how he secretly would like his life to be. He's spent years molding his base into what he wishes he could do and be but can't self import himself into those same actions and words. The moment of his climactic vicarious actions happened on January 6th. He told his base, we're going to the capital - we're going to the capital and I'll be there with you - we're walking down to the capital. The big vicarious finale was allowing him to be where they were, he was them. Even after it all fell apart he was still loving them ... loving himself; his "other" life will go on as is - that's all that's left in his long narcissistic existence.

What my morning of quiet time found ... a yearning for unity

across the divide
between an upwards hill
there sits a future
where no one is left behind
as you sit at the waters edge
among the fragile weeds
know your journey is your destiny
visualize hope in your coming days
your dark will be hidden by light
left behind are clouds of disquiet
as your days are made anew
a nearness of an abiding relief
sits at your doorway of custody
held open with the longing of unison
allows for an entry of fulfillment
the promise will be completed
Unity - For One And For All

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