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Member since: Fri Nov 20, 2009, 02:17 PM
Number of posts: 8,168

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Thank you. My spinal tap showed oligoclonal bands consistent with MS,

My symptoms and signs are just about too numerous to list...significant ones are abnormal gait and leg weakness, blurry vision consistent with ON, positive babinskis, absent Achilles' tendon reflex, hyperreflexia of my knees.

MRI showed a very large lesion on my thoracic spine (covering several vertabrae) and a couple of small ones in my brain.

Yeah, everything is going to sh*t because of the R's. it's like they WANT to create hell on earth for all non-billionaires.

I'm just tired of these relapses. This last one, my back hurt so bad I almost passed out when I sat on the toilet. I'm guessing there is another lesion on my spine now.

My PCP called me to give me a referral for a colonoscopy (weird, they must really want me to have one for some reason?) and I can only assume that was on behest of the neuro although I don't know why that would be part of the diagnostic process.

Ps they took blood for NMO test 5 weeks ago now....shouldn't I have the results by now???!!!!

Pps the neuro did say that I absolutely DO have a demylenating disease of the CNS...they just need to figure out which one it is before I can get treatment....

Just an update

Still waiting for an answer from my neuro about test for NMO. Have been reading up on MS and I am certain From my symptoms it's MS.

My husband will call the neuro next week to get an update. He is active duty and therefore gets more respect and action than me, since I am only a dependent.

In the meantime I am just getting over another bad relapse (my third in three months) and now I have bad headaches all the time, my whole body jerks me awake at night several times as I'm trying to sleep, and my right leg is really messed up now, to the point where I need a walker to walk more than short distances and I do not feel I can drive safely.

Really hoping my doctor decides for sure what I've got and helps me, before I end up paralyzed, bedridden and on a ventilator.

And one more song. This one never fails to leave me in tears.

Posted by LiberalLoner | Tue Apr 9, 2013, 04:52 PM (0 replies)

Dedicated to all who served in Vietnam.


Posted by LiberalLoner | Mon Apr 8, 2013, 01:19 PM (3 replies)

I decided to be honest on the MFO Facebook page about what happened to me

A couple of guys very quickly reposted their photos to keep it from being on top of the feed. No comments, no likes. Exactly what I expected. My heart is still pounding. Can't believe how scary it was to tell the truth of the rape. I'm glad I did it though. Maybe more females who served there will come forward too.

+1, beautiful post...there is so much rage and

As a woman it frightens me how strong the movement to put us women "in our places" has become.

I remember an Air Force Major General (now retired) forcing his staff to read an article talking about how not enough white babies are being born and how we must fight against that by eliminating contraception for females. It went on to point out the relationship between education of women and low birth rates and suggested we should eliminate education for women, similar to the way it was once illegal to teach black people to read.

The fact that this stuff is so open and so very popular, chills my blood. I hope we can fight against it but look at some of the posts even here and you will understand why I am so pessimistic.

I remember when I first learned about prejudism.

I was in 3rd grade in Alexandria Virginia. The teacher told us about how some people thought other people with darker skin weren't as good. I actually burst out laughing because the idea of that was so ridiculous to me that I thought the teacher was pulling our legs and joking.

I didn't get it because white privilege protected me from knowing about racism.

I wonder how many, many things I don't get even to this day and probably wont ever get because I have white privilege. I suck. I don't want to suck but I do.

I probably shouldn't even be posting because what could I possibly say of any value?

To say the least. Disheartening is a word I'd use to describe it.

I've fought all my life for justice, for less harm, for a better world.

Still waiting to hear if I have NMO (fatal disease) or "just" MS.

Thinking, I might be dying now....and all my struggles to try to make a better world were nothing but a fart in a hurricane. How useless my life has been.

My eyes were opened to just how many men like kiddy porn...

Political ads in Virginia talking about how many tens of thousands of computers identified with child porn on them. Too many to prosecute really.

Friend coming back from Afghanistan saying his biggest duty, most time used up, was removing kiddy porn from the computers of our military.

I read a few years ago, kiddy porn is the fastest growing sector of porn on Internet.

So, so many things like this. I see what are coy little apologies for child rape even on DU and I know what it is when I see it. Even if there is plausible deniability.

And it occurs to me, they are trying to shut us up mainly because we are threatening their fun. We are trying to take their preferred type of sex away from them.

1 in 3 females sexually abused before 18. It's not just a few men doing all that raping. It is pandemic. Even here on DU.

Morning Joe criticizing IRS for silly training videos.

Methinks this will be the start of a movement to get rid of the IRS. Hey, no IRS, much easier for billionaires to avoid paying taxes!

Jesus they aren't hiding it at all anymore. Fascism all the way, all the time....hope we can fight back more effectively than the Polish did when they threw rocks against the invading Wehrmacht's tanks.
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