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Member since: Fri Nov 20, 2009, 02:17 PM
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When you have a cat in your life,

You have to learn to read cat body language and adapt yourself to them and what they need and want.

You have the exquisite privilege of having a small version of a lion or tiger in your life, so the small sacrifices you make to keep them healthy and happy should not be burdensome to you.

I hate seeing cats distressed in any way or teased. My kitty Bobo is the best friend I have and I have no doubt he would give his life for me if need be. I do my best to make his life a happy and pleasant one, with special heated beds, special food, pets and lap time any time he wishes, play time, etc. I even play him ďmusic cats loveĒ every morning during our snuggle time. He purrs when the music begins, so I really do think he likes the music.

Kitties are one of the best things life offers, if you ask me.
Posted by LiberalLoner | Fri Feb 5, 2021, 11:03 AM (3 replies)

Traffic "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys"

If you had just a minute to breath
And they granted you one final wish....
Would you ask for something like another chance?

It's a great album but my personal favorite is

ďThe DreamingĒ by Kate Bush. I know, I know, Iím weird.

You know, Malaise, I met her once

When I was her escort officer in the MFO during her and her fatherís visit in 91, and I found her to be a decent and kind person through and through.

I donít see eye to eye with her politically, but there is no doubt in my mind that she loves this country just as we do.

So I am not surprised by this one bit. It is exactly what I expected from her.

Me too. Distant ancestors. Some relatives died in Łdź, some in the camps.

Maybe not on anyone's playlist, but it's one of the songs I find comforting in life.

Finished this 8x10 soft pastel painting today

Trying to learn how to do winter scenes. Still have a lot of learning to do.


This song comes up in my mind lately. Seems to speak to these times, for me.

Maybe Iím just....a little peculiar.

Did this pastel painting today.

8x10 on UArt 600 grit paper.

Tried to do this one standing up. Itís hard for me to stand for long because of MS but I think it makes for a better result.


Oil paints...

Ultramarine blue
Cobalt blue
Phthalo blue
Permanent rose
Cad red med
Cad yellow light
Raw sienna
Burnt umber
Burnt sienna
Titanium white
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