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Member since: Fri Jan 1, 2010, 03:15 PM
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Open your eyes, DanTex

DanTex opines,
"The argument for Bernie doesn't do so well in rational, nuanced world, which is to say, the real world."

Real world? Are you not aware that Bernie has about 20 times the government experience of HRC. He is tried and true, having won elections for Mayor, for U.S. House of Reps (numerous times) and for U.S. Senate.

He knows how government works, and he works well with others. He gets things done and makes friends, not enemies. Unlike Hillary, his ethics and honesty are right out there for all to see. Unlike Hillary, he can't be bought. Unlike Hillary, he doesn't pull strings behind the scenes to get what he wants. Unlike Hillary, he is not secretive.

Bernie Sanders has the qualities we need in a president.

Odds are, our chance to support him is from now until the Dem primary

...and even if Hillary beats him, our efforts will not have been wasted. The media, the public, and the powers-that-be need to know that Bernie's goals and values are passionately held by many, many (maybe most?) Americans. This is how we let them know. We must come out in numbers for Bernie.

And if Bernie beats Hillary, then we go ALL OUT to support and defend him, because the powers that be will try to destroy him. (And they are NOT "nice people."

I hate to say it, but this might be our last chance.

A "true liberal" sides with the poor and the powerless

against the rich and powerful.

Bernie is a true liberal.

That's just a PARTIAL list of what needs to be done before a progressive president have an impact.

The best president in the world can't do it single-handed. The Big Boys (unelected) would destroy him/her in no time.

Obama's done dozens of good things for this country, but each one he had to squeeze through by the skin of his teeth. I hope someday he'll write an honest book about what it was like, but for his and his family's safety, he might not be able to.

He COULDN'T close Gitmo

The Republicans wouldn't let him.

He's president, not dictator. He shares power with the other 2 branches of government.

Bet you didn't know that.
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