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Member since: Fri Jan 1, 2010, 03:15 PM
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Takes time to trust a new guy. When AAs learn who he is, THEY WILL LOVE HIM, TOO.

Bernie would be the best possible president for African Americans. Even better than dear President Obama, whom I worked to elect and whom I care for very much. But Bernie can do what Barack couldn't, because Bernie is older and more experienced, tougher, focused, and unbelievably courageous. I've loved having President Obama, loved his persistence, heart, and unbroken dignity in the face of widespread racism. He has performed beautifully and made me very proud. I love his family, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha. I've especially enjoyed seeing how his ascendance to the presidency has strengthened and encouraged African Americans -- and also Black people throughout the world. Thank God for this; we needed it, the world needed it.

But Bernie can make a palpable difference for AAs, because his entire focus is on helping Americans who have been left out of all the spoils of our nation's riches. He cares about people who suffer in a corrupt and cold-hearted system. He has given his life to this cause. This is the moment when the hopes, dreams, and needs of people of color will join the dashed hopes and suffering of poor and working class whites to rise up together and take this nation back for those of us who were left out. Brotherhood and sisterhood is possible if we allow it. If we allow it.

We can seize this moment or let it pass. Let's seize it.

Yes, it really is amazing, sabrina. It is very much a sense of "I've been waiting for this"

and finally, finally it is happening. The people of this country have been watching our hopes and dreams, our sense of "something good," slip away for decades, but no one has had whatever it takes to start turning it around. Bernie Sanders, with his simple honesty and integrity, has finally pointed the way. OWS tried valiantly, but what we needed was an unassuming person to articulate the truth of our shared existence, our pain, our hopes, and then outline plain, simple, pragmatic ways we can overcome the vast mistake that nearly ruined our country and begin to return America to a place we all can live in and believe in again.

Yes, this is a special time for all of us. But it's a cliff-hanger to watch how the "big bad boys" might respond. I hope Bernie is ready for that. Or maybe he will be happy to have lit the fuse of a political revolution that will play out in years to come. I guess we'll have to stay tuned and do whatever we can to help it along.
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