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Member since: Fri Jan 1, 2010, 03:15 PM
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Clinton says she can compromise on Roe v. Wade

Again, I am where I have been, which is that if there's a way to structure some kind of constitutional restriction that take into account the life of the mother and her health, then I'm open to that.



During a Fox News town hall on Monday night, Clinton and Sanders were asked about their position on late-term abortions. Sanders' stance was easy to discern: He opposes abortion restrictions, full stop.

Clinton replied, "NoI have been on record in favor of a late-pregnancy regulation that would have exceptions for the life and health of the mother."


He should wait until after 2,383 delegates are reached at the convention

To win the 2016 Democratic primary, a candidate must have 2,383 delegates.

As of June 6th, Hillary has 1,812 pledged delegates and Bernie has 1,526 pledged delegates. That's a difference of 286 delegates.

To reach 2,383 before the convention, Hillary would need 571 more pledged delegates and Bernie would need 857 more pledged delegates.

The states that vote tomorrow and the number of pledged delegates available from each:

CA -- 475
MT -- 21
NJ -- 126
NM -- 34
ND -- 18
SD -- 20

D.C. has 20 delegates and votes on June 14.


It is virtually impossible for either candidate to reach 2,383 pledged delegates from the remaining states. Since the pledged delegates alone don't confer 2,383, the superdelegate votes at the convention will make up the difference and decide the nomination.

The AP announced tonight that Hillary had "won," even though she hasn't. They made this announcement before the seven remaining primaries had been held. It will depress voter turnout and is an an act of sabotage.
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