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Member since: Sun Jan 3, 2010, 01:16 AM
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Was once a republican. long long ago, in a far, far away place. I apologize.

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Indiana (R) government issues threats to children

Indiana issues threats to parents and children in Indiana who attempt to "opt out" of mandatory testing.

Tells them it will send them to jail if they refuse to allow student testing.

"Parents should be reminded of Indiana’s Compulsory School Attendance Laws, Ind. Code 20-33-2. Specifically, section 28 of the compulsory school attendance chapter provides that it is unlawful for a parent to fail, neglect, or refuse to send the parent’s child to school for the full term, and section 27 of the statute provides that it is unlawful for a parent to fail to ensure that his/her student attends school as required under the compulsory school attendance chapter and establishes the process of initiating an action against a parent for violation. Finally, section 44 provides that violation of the compulsory school attendance chapter is a Class B Misdemeanor. Any absence by a student on scheduled testing dates for the purpose of avoiding testing constitutes an unexcused absence and may constitute a violation of the compulsory school attendance laws. "

Read more about the (R) threats and intimidation in Indiana here:


Wisconsin Assembly- Republicans go berserk

"This is not a Catholic School, and we are not children, and they are not children." Rep. Sondy Pope-Roberts (D)79th District Wisconsin

Republicans in Wisconsin throw all the gallery visitors out. They reject public viewing of their Wisconsin Assembly meeting.

Good entertainment value, particularly towards the end when Joel Kleefisch loses his stuff completely. (his wife is the current Lt. Governor, who was just petitioned to be recalled)

More on the story of how republicans rushed through a mining bill today.

Evicted Detroiter: '100 years old, and don't have a home'

By Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

Detroit— Texana Hollis still can't go home.

Four months after the federal housing department said the 101-year-old could return to her foreclosed west-side home of nearly 60 years following public outcry over her eviction, the front door of the house remains padlocked.

And it remains unclear when, or if, she will ever return to the home on the 8300 block of Carbondale Street. She was forced to leave in September after her son, Warren Hollis, 65, failed to pay $7,000 in property taxes to keep a reverse mortgage taken out in 2002, despite months of warnings.

"Here I am, 100 years old, and don't have a home," Hollis said, rounding off her age. "Oh Lord, help me."


1 Million Irish Setters against Mitt Romney

Like it here:

Did you know there are 44 OTHER Democratic Candidates

who have filed to run for President of the United States?

If you want to see some "real unusual" campaign websites, take a look at a few of these candidates. I can honestly say there is a WIDE range of democratic values being expressed from these 2012 Presidential candidates:



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