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Member since: Sun Jan 3, 2010, 01:16 AM
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Was once a republican. long long ago, in a far, far away place. I apologize.

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Here it comes: Get Ready for a Stop-Bernie Onslaught Like You've Never Seen

Beware. Because disparaging and minimizing Bernie in 2019 didn't work, the next step in 2020 will be to trash him with a vast array of full-bore attacks.
by Norman Solomon

A central premise of conventional media wisdom has collapsed. On Thursday, both the New York Times and Politico published major articles reporting that Bernie Sanders really could win the Democratic presidential nomination. Such acknowledgments will add to the momentum of the Bernie 2020 campaign as the new year begins—but they foreshadow a massive escalation of anti-Sanders misinformation and invective.

Throughout 2019, corporate media routinely asserted that the Sanders campaign had little chance of winning the nomination. As is so often the case, journalists were echoing each other more than paying attention to grassroots realities. But now, polling numbers and other indicators on the ground are finally sparking very different headlines from the media establishment.

"When the Bernie campaign wasn't being ignored by corporate media during 2019, innuendos and mud often flew in his direction. But we ain't seen nothing yet."
From the Times: “Why Bernie Sanders Is Tough to Beat.” From Politico: “Democratic Insiders: Bernie Could Win the Nomination.”

Those stories, and others likely to follow in copycat news outlets, will heighten the energies of Sanders supporters and draw in many wavering voters. But the shift in media narratives about the Bernie campaign’s chances will surely boost the decibels of alarm bells in elite circles where dousing the fires of progressive populism is a top priority.

For corporate Democrats and their profuse media allies, the approach of disparaging and minimizing Bernie Sanders in 2019 didn’t work. In 2020, the next step will be to trash him with a vast array of full-bore attacks.



Medicare for all? How about this:

One way to get to Medicare for All May be to
Actually allow it to be adopted by a state- one state at a time.

How about this- We propose creating the actual structure of a national program, capable of being scaled up, but premise it on these conditions:

1. In order to participate, a state must vote to participate. If the majority of voters in that state decide, then a process to begin to transition to a single-payer Medicare for all system begins.

2. The transition happens over a three year period. The first year, all public employees and anyone who changes jobs becomes covered under the new system. In addition, it takes a one-year waiting period to come under the new system, to prevent sick people from other states from simply moving in to obtain coverage. The second year, any private company or individual can opt in. The third year, it becomes mandatory for all. The State and the Federal Government both create a Medicare for all tax, with tax credits for those remaining under private insurance for the transition period.

3. As Medicare for All is rolled out, the best ideas from different states are shown and highlighted, so the program can be tweaked based on experience. A participating state is also given money to establish expanded medical schools, nursing and technician training, and medical public service career assistance.

This way nobody can say their state was forced into it; people can see how it actually works, and cost savings are highlighted across the country.
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