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Was once a republican. long long ago, in a far, far away place. I apologize.

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Federal Inspectors Are Fearful, Angry About Trump's Order to Reopen Outbreak-Stricken Meat Plants

Source: Govexec.com

USDA is still not providing masks and is doing "absolutely nothing" to protect workers, inspectors say.

By Eric Katz

USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue, who has lobbied companies and local leaders to keep plants open even as hotspots developed, said the department would keep employees safe. He said USDA would work with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to implement guidelines for reopening plants.

“USDA will continue to work with its partners across the federal government to ensure employee safety to maintain this essential industry,” Perdue said.

Employees, however, said they have received no details on how the department will keep that promise. FSIS is still not providing personal protective equipment—including masks—to its inspectors, instead offering a one-time $50 stipend for employees to procure their own. On Wednesday, FSIS held telephonic town halls with employees, as it has done each week during the pandemic. For the first time, however, FSIS took no questions from employees, citing “inappropriate” leaks to the media and privacy concerns.

“We’re pretty angry about it,” one inspector said of the one-sided town hall he listened to. “They said they would answer the most frequently asked questions but they’re not doing that.”

Read more: https://www.govexec.com/workforce/2020/04/federal-inspectors-are-fearful-angry-about-trumps-order-reopen-outbreak-stricken-meat-plants/165051/

King “”Dump” ordering Federal Employee meat inspectors to work with NO PROTECTION, and it’s illegal for federal workers to refuse to work or strike.

The USDA Management is offering employees ONE TIME $50 to go try and buy some kind of face mask to keep their own snot out of the meat?

USDA MGT doesn’t have a clue what protection is required- it’s just like doctors- if you are elbow to elbow with other workers in a slaughterhouse, a bandanna isn’t the protection you need, and a ONE TIME $50 to try and buy masks, faceshields, and gowns sufficient to protect yourself as a meat inspector?


Let them eat cake.

Shut the meat plants down until Federal Government protects their own employees!

Why Meat Plants are shutting down.

First- context. Here is Trump’s bizarre wandering answer to a reporters question about the sudden appearance of Covid-19 in the food industry- specifically meat packing plants.

REPORTER: I wanted to ask you specifically about one industry in particular, and that’s food-processing plants. Is there a priority to get testing at food-processing plants all across the country?
TRUMP: "Well, you’re asking that because of what happened — it’s a fair question, too — what happened in Denver. Because in Denver, I’ve never seen — I said, “What’s going on?” We’re looking at this graph where everything’s looking beautiful and it’s coming down and then you got this one spike. It’s — I said, “What happened to Denver?”
And many people, very quickly, and they — by the way, they were on it like, so fast, you wouldn’t believe it. They knew every aspect. They had people go and — not only testing, “Who did you see? Where were you? How many people did you meet? Were you out to dinner in somebody else’s home? Where were you?” Where did — where did this number of people come from? How did — they are totally on it.
Now, this just happened. I just saw it this morning. I’m looking at everything smooth, going down, topping out. And then you have this one spike in Denver. It’s like, where did this come from?
So we’ll be looking at that. And we don’t want cases like that happening. This was — but this — this is the kind of thing can happen. This is very complex.
This is a very brilliant enemy. You know, it’s a brilliant enemy. They develop drugs like the antibiotics. You see it. Antibiotics used to solve every problem. Now one of the biggest problems the world has is the germ has gotten so brilliant that the antibiotic can’t keep up with it. And they’re constantly trying to come up with a new — people go to a hospital and they catch — they go for a heart operation — that’s no problem, but they end up dying from — from problems. You know the problems I’m talking about. There’s a whole genius to it.
We’re fighting — not only is it hidden, but it’s very smart. Okay? It’s invisible and it’s hidden, but it’s — it’s very smart. And you see that in a case like a Denver.
But, you know, I think we’re doing well, and they’re on Denver like you wouldn’t believe. I came in this morning; it was a flurry. I said what’s going on? They said, “Denver.” I said, “What happened to Denver?” Because Denver was doing pretty well. And they’ve got that under control. But, yeah, that would be a case where you do some very big testing."- Donald J. Trump, genius.


If you've made it this far, please keep in mind that the Smithfield meat processing plant that has become a COVID-19 hotspot, and precipitated the reporter's question, is the Smithfield plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, not Denver. And antibiotics have never solved viruses.

But the next thing you need to realize, is that,

1. USDA Meat inspectors have no PPE.
In fact, they were ordered by USDA Management NOT to wear masks.

2. When the Smithfield plant was closed, the USDA ordered its meat inspectors to go to other Meat Packing plants, including JBS in Greely, Colorado. Guess what? Now JBS has a huge outbreak of Covid-19, and is shut down.

When the South Dakota plant closed down, they ordered the USDA inspectors into other meat packing plants.

And with them- went the virus, carried with the USDA inspectors, who infected other plants.

After the Souix Falls Smithfield plant was shut down, the USDA sent meat inspectors from that plant to Greely, Colorado. Who promptly transmitted the virus to the workers there.

Read more:

Coronavirus Outbreaks at Food Processing Plants Have Inspectors 'Fearful' and Employees Staying Home

USDA is not providing employees protective equipment, and until recently, prohibited the use of masks.

Federal food inspectors are raising concerns about the conditions at their workplaces as several processing plants across the country have seen spikes in employees testing positive for COVID-19.

The outbreaks could impact operations at slaughterhouses and other plants around the country as Agriculture Department employees stay home due to illness, potential exposure or fear of contracting the novel coronavirus. The inspectors' concerns have been heightened by what they view as an inconsistent and incomplete response from their USDA agency, the Food Safety Inspection Service, which has not made protective equipment such as masks available to its workforce.

At the outset of the pandemic, FSIS told employees they were not permitted to wear masks because of the fears it could create in the workplace, according to multiple inspectors. That policy appeared to override existing FSIS guidance that employees could wear N95 masks if they felt comfortable and received permission to do so. The agency reversed course on Monday, now allowing inspectors to wear their own masks at food processing plants. It added, however, the workers must ask the company operating the plant for permission to wear the masks and remove them if the plant makes such a request.

As employees voice their fears, several plants around the country have emerged as coronavirus hotspots. At a Smithfield Foods pork plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, more than 80 plant employees have tested positive for the virus. The plant initially refused to close, largely at the direction of the federal government.

“They have been told by the federal government to stay open,” Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken said at a press conference on Thursday. Smithfield’s CEO, Ken Sullivan, exited a call with the mayor on Thursday to speak with USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue so Perdue could stress “the importance of staying open,” TenHaken said.


He is the Anti-Christ

There really can’t be any more doubt.
He’s fooled millions of them.

They flock to his every word, filled with deceit, and anger, and greed, and everything evil and bad. Yet his daily rants don’t push people away- there are still the same number, or more, who buy his snake oil.

I don’t get it.

Except to understand that he is, indeed, the Anti-Christ. And he is stealing tens of thousands of souls as I speak.
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