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Hometown: Flint MI
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Sun Feb 21, 2010, 05:47 PM
Number of posts: 6,854

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Just What WAS Flynn's Underlying Behavior?

Was it of a sexual nature? Was he a jerk around the office? Was it financial? Was he passing info to Putin?

Since it's classified/under investigation, we're not going to find out for a while. But that shouldn't stop us from speculating.

I think that Flynn was working with Putin to undermine societies and elections in the US and around the world. He may have been motivated by being cut loose by the Obama Administration and wanted revenge.

I would love to hear what my fellow DUers think.

Do You Have a Fictional Book That You Have Read Several Times?

For me:

Hawaii, by James Michener
I reread it every 5 years or so. Magnificent story of how Hawaii came to be, from early volcanic formation to modern day. Tells how various ethnic groups came to the islands and built new lives.

Earth Abides, by George R. Stewart
The original "almost everyone on Earth dies from a mysterious disease except for a few survivors" tale, but realistic and wonderfully written.

What are some of the books you have to revisit over and over?

Which Trumpista Is Most Deeply Involved with Russia?

I think

The big players:
Michael "Who? Who?" Cohen
Jared Kushner
Carter Page, of course
Mike Flynn

Smaller players probably include Bannon and Ivanka.

Clueless dupes:

Hillary Clinton Trolls Trump on Twitter

From The Hill:

Hillary Clinton trolls Trump on Twitter

Philippe Reines, a Democratic political consultant who worked for Clinton, tweeted: "Russians spy. Health Care is complicated. Diplomacy is exhausting. Who knew?"

The former first lady and secretary of State retweeted him, "Things I learned today." A thread of Clinton supporters quickly replied to Reines, "She did."


Odd Number on My Cell Phone Call Log

I just got a call on my cell phone. It was upstairs and I was downstairs so I couldn't answer it. When I checked the call log to see who it was, this is what it said:

V3150824 plus several more numbers

Does anyone know what that means?

Trump USA YMCA Parody Song (Warning: Language)

I'm Going to My Rep's Open House This Evening

It'll be fun.

I was very happy to vote for her - and even happier when she beat the thug Tarkanian. Yaayy! Jacky Rosen!

A Little Perspective on Your Chances of Being Killed by a Terrorist in the US


9 people have been killed a year, on average, by Muslim extremists in the US since 9/11.

12,843 people are killed a year, on average, by guns in the US.

37,000 people die every year, on average, in traffic accidents in the US.

According to a review by the CATO Institute, the chances of an American dying in a terrorist attack committed by a foreigner in the US stands at about one in 3.6 million. The breakdown includes attacks over a 41-year period and includes the 9/11 attack, in which 3,000 people died. Once you narrow it to refugees and and illegal immigrants, the threat is even smaller.

Even the Cato institute says that the chances are infinitesimally small.

Interesting statistic:

In 2015, there were 58 shootings committed by toddlers, or more than one every week. The drumbeat of tragic shootings involving children barely able to walk has continued unabated this year.


Does that mean that orange boy is now going to deport babies?

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