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Member since: Wed Mar 24, 2010, 10:49 PM
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About God and evolution

I believe in both God and evolution. What sometimes gets me wondering, is why have evolution to get to humans? I mean why the millions of years of dinosaurs? Why the strange odd creatures like the platypus? On the one hand, I see God's affinity with humans, being able to contemplate him, but on the other hand, it seems evolution is a dynamic process that could go any which way, depending on the circumstances. So in my mind, it is not inevitable to have humans. Also I think Jesus coming to earth as God's son, also strengthens the argument that God meant for there to be humans. So these are some thoughts that come up in my mind. I have always been fascinated with wildlife and its divergent ways. It seems like maybe there is a law that a creature cannot be created whole cloth, that it has to come from an evolution from basic components of single cell up. So that God is the one to bring all the necessary components together to start the beginnings of life on earth. But was it inevitable to lead to humans?

The Hunter and the Goat, a moral fable

A very good moral fable about a hunter hunting a goat and his mystical experience.

It was a day in the present that became a day from the past and a path to the future. It was a hoop bending backwards and then forwards through time.

Once upon the present, there was a hunter on the trail of a she-goat, a bighorn sheep, a ewe. He was chasing the wild goat in some high hills, filled with rocks, in a big sky landscape in the undulating terrain of the state of Idaho.


Trump ramblings

I am the great and all powerful Trump. Hear me speak. I gather together all who would believe me and believe me there is no shortage of those who I can bring to my feet. I was born great and I get greater all the time. I have great hair and a great body. I donít even exercise, that is for chumps. I have my hair done by a great hair stylist, she is the greatest. If it is hate groups who are my biggest supporters, then it is hate that I will peddle. I wouldnít mind peddling dope, but my grandfathers would be against that. I like to continue the legacy of white supremacy for my family. And you can see that in my children, who stare at you with the cold hearts I raised them with. The wall I will build may take a century to build, but nevermind that, I will get it started, a small piece. Hey maybe I can get the Chinese to build it, they did such a great job with their own wall, a great wall. Maybe I can even sell pieces of the wall at the Trump Tower. Hey, I was great in the Apprentice wasnít I. I couldnít give a fig about charities, but I played the role well. Biggest show on TV. I donít believe in charity. Survival of the fittest. How can you know who is meant to rise and who is meant to fall if not for the struggle, and leaving people behind to die in the dust.

I am the ruler of the world and donít forget it. I could nuke North Korea if I wanted to and no one can stop me. No one gets in my way. Kelly wonít be around for long. I will give him the boot. No one stands between me and my audience. I donít need anyone anyway, I am the president now. No one beats me. Make America Great Again, is Keep Me Great. Iím not scared of Mueller. So what if I have investments in Russian enterprise. Putin said there was no interference in the election and that is all I needed to hear. Besides it is all about winning, no matter what way it is done. Send all the black people back to Africa. Send the Mexicans back to Mexico. Close all the borders. Make America all White again. Make women kiss menís feet. And if they start to look like Hags, dump them. I donít know how long Melaniaís looks will last, but she knows she better look hot or else. My wives and children know who is the master. Long live Trump, the best dictator in the World. As for the Republicans, they can kiss my lily white ass. I have never worked hard in my life and never read a book, and I never will. Golf is my occupation, my real love. I am good at tearing things down though, abortion rights, womenís rights, citizen rightís, all down the toilet under my reign. Flush them down my gold toilet and they should be thankful for my kiss goodbye.

Brown Bears, Katmai National Park, Alaska Webcam


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