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Profile Information

Name: Linda Pilzer Erlich, PhD
Gender: Female
Hometown: Pennsylvania
Home country: USA
Current location: North of Philadelphia
Member since: Tue May 18, 2010, 12:18 PM
Number of posts: 86

About Me

I am a lifelong Democrat. I was raised by a lifelong Democrat, my father, who worked diligently and actively for the Democratic party from the time he was 18 years old. He was born in 1911. He met every Democratic president from Roosevelt to Johnson and before he died, he was able to watch the inauguration of President Clinton. He would have been so proud to witness the presidency of President Obama. I am a licensed psychologist with a master's degree in clinical psychology and a doctorate in health psychology. That is a powerful combination in today's healthcare climate. I am also interested in learning about...anything there is to learn about. I believe that a PhD is not the end of one's educational process, but the beginning. I also believe that everyone has something to teach me. Well, that has been my experience. I am open to knowledge. I will admit, I have a lot of it. My degree means I am entitled to my opinion, everywhere. It is even accepted in a courtroom. But, I also know that in the greater scheme of things, there is so much I do not know. So please share your knowledge with me and I will share mine.

Journal Archives

The sad state of our legislature

I have been almost glued to the impeachment trial in the Senate this week and I am sickened by the behavior of most of the Republicans and defense attorneys.

The House Managers are doing a stellar job of presenting the case against the former president. Their presentation has been highly organized, clear, and brutally honest. They have presented new evidence that is horrifying and shows the Senators how much danger they were in. They have clearly established the link between the insurrectionists and Trump; a link that goes back way before January 6, 2021.

Trump's lawyers had no defense. In the short time they actually spoke they wasted the time trying to shift blame to anyone but their client. A tactic used by sociopaths everywhere, including their client.

The majority of the Republican Senators where obviously not even paying attention. Hawley sat up in the balcony with his feet up. Cruz was reading as were others. McConnell was detached and stoic. Some Senators admitted they had already made up their minds to acquit. Three Republican Senators actually met with the defense attorneys during the trial!

The evidence to convict is so clear, that I do not see how any Senator can, in good conscience vote to find Trump innocent. And that is the problem. These Senators are self-serving, selfish, and definitely not looking out for the people of our country. They are not doing the job they were elected to do. They support Trump because they are just like him. So when do they get impeached?

Finally! An Administration that cares about the people of this country

I cannot wait until January 20 when Joe Biden is sworn in as President of the United States and we can have a real leader. I am looking forward to this moment when the adults take back the government and we can expect some real help.
The current toddler in chief has to go, ASAP. We the people of this country continue to suffer under the administration of this incompetent, narcissistic man, who continues to do nothing for us in these perilous times.

I have complete confidence that President Biden will help us to end this pandemic. He will also work hard to repair all of the damage done to our country by the current occupant of the White House.


When I opened my mail earlier this week I discovered an invitation. The invitation was from the Presidential Inaugural Committee. It was addressed to Dr. Linda Erlich and it was an official invitation to attend the Inauguration of Barack H. Obama as President of the United States of America and Joseph R. Biden as Vice President of the United States of America.

I have just been over the moon ever since I opened it. The only reason I can think of that I received this was because I sent The President a copy of my doctoral dissertation. Yes, I supported him, but I did not donate tons of money or anything like that.

I was hoping to paste a photo of the invitation but I cannot figure out a way to do it.

I am just so overjoyed that he will continue to be our President after Monday!

Very horrific crime, but..

As a psychologist, I am sick and tired of the stigma that the mentally ill carry when it comes to being violent or committing crimes. The percentage of people who are mentally ill and also violent is no greater than those who are notmentally ill and are violent and commit crimes.

There is no connection to being mentally ill and being violent or committing crimes. This is a cruel and prejudiced stigma and it is just as horrible as judging a person by the color of their skin or their national origin.

Please stop and please discourage others from doing this.

Healthcare costs

My husband retired in 2001. He has been on Medicare through the PA State Employee's Retirement System. As his wife, who is not yet 65, I am also entitled to receive my medical insurance through this group. I pay over $1000 a month for my PPO. This is all before the Affordable Care Act.

I will turn 65 this March and be Medicare eligible. I just submitted my application on the first of December.

Complain all you want, it will not be any worse. I am a provider, a licensed psychologist. I have seen this from all sides. I have more than just my personal experience to go on. I have adjusted my fees down for people who cannot afford insurance. I see people pro bono. I am not in this profession to become wealthy. Fortunately, I can follow my ethics and beliefs and practice my way. I work to help people.

I am tired of people who do not see what a benefit the president's reforms are. They are far from perfect, but we have to get control of our healthcare out of the hands of the insurance and pharmacological industries. We are suffering so they can make money. That is why premiums are so high.

Stop blaming the president. He is powerful, but he is not all powerful.


How infantile! Are we, or anyone else expected to respect or take anything this Grover person says seriously? If this is the level of discourse the Republicans have fallen to, they are truly much to unstable to hold positions of responsibility in our nation. These are the rumblings of a deranged individual.

We must all pull together on Tuesday for Obama and the Dems

This is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. I truly believe the future of our country is at stake here.

With the rise of the tea party, the rise of the far right, the religious right trying to impose their beliefs and values on us, the growth of these people in government office, corporatism, and now...MITT ROMNEY poised to possibly become our president, we must do something.

I am scared. Scared of the direction these ill informed voters will take us. Scared of the far right and their power lust. Scared of their total disregard for us as human beings. Scared of their selfishness and blindness to the needs of ordinary people.

We need President Obama because he has proven that he is an intelligent, compassionate, capable, human being. He is loved and respected throughout the world. It is only in the USA that there is ambivalence.

Please vote for PRESIDENT OBAMA on Tuesday. Vote like our future depends on it!

I just freaked out when I heard he was coming to my neighborhood

I heard it this afternoon and I could not believe my ears. I was so glad I was wearing my Obama campaign buttons. I cannot believe he is actually invading mt space.
Every day this candidate becomes more abhorant to me. I am actually becoming ill over this campaign. I want it to be over and I want The Presidentbto continue doing his job for another four years.

I want Mittens and his minions to fade into obscurity. They really frighten me. Just look at the security measures!! Yardley PA is a vert quiet, peaceful town. There is no crime. No unrest. Sunny Brook is where the Halloween Festival is held. There are farms there, churches, and office condos.
Yardley is an upscale neighborhood. The town itself is full of small quaint shops, restaurants, and a library with a duck pond.

This is where the Romney campaign finds it necessary to bring in heavey duty security measures!?

This is a man who is, as far as I am concerned dangerous and out of touch with the people of this country. I am staying home and watching movies or reruns of The West Wing.
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