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Member since: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 11:14 AM
Number of posts: 2,234

Journal Archives

Debate inspires poetry

When questioned, the fly
Said, I donít know why
I chose to stop when passing by.
But thereís this old man
With a milk white head
And a bleeding eye,
And he looked half dead,
So I thought Iíd stop and take a rest,
Maybe have a chat, pest-to-pest.

Now here I am, a celebrity meme,
With a vaguely political carrion theme.
(Please leave pics on my Twitter feed. )

I have never wished any man dead, but

I have read some obituaries with great pleasure. -- Mark Twain.

Ahead of tonight's debate

Ahead of tonight's debate the family should probably brush up on CPR. Remember that popcorn can be a choking hazard and also that it's possible to die laughing. Pampers are discretionary but keep cleaning supplies handy for removing brain matter from ceilings and furniture. There's NO possibility we're going to get through this unscathed.

The Supreme Court Boomerang

Beyond the fact that McConnell's actions and any public airing will energize the Democratic Party and supercharge fundraising (as it did during Kavanaugh hearings) there could be a fix, and an enormous boon to the republic, in expanding the court and doing away with the filibuster. What we need is to focus on TAKING BACK the SENATE! The death of our beloved RBG at this time could turn out to be a timely gift, Trump be damned.

Trump will not pay respects to John Lewis

because he's all class.


Taking it personally: John Lewis

As a child who grew up in segregated schools surrounded by segregated restaurants and "White Only" water fountains; who watched Bloody Sunday and the many other violent reactions to civil rights advances on live television, who lived in Memphis when King was assassinated, and later moved to Georgia to watch the ongoing struggles for civil rights marshaled by our many great icons here, and to be privileged to cast my votes for them, I am taking the loss of John Lewis quite personally. I think all Americans should.

My Poem for the Plague

No end in sight of COVID woes.
No need to rush to fold the clothes.

The kitchen floors are just a sin,
But neighbors wonít be coming in.
When did I dust? I canít remember.
I can do it in September.
Or when Iím hit with motivation
(Like when they have a vaccination!)
I just donít see the need to rush
To give the toilet bowls a brush,
Or clean the showers of their muck.
Thereís just us here, and WTF?
This quarantine seems here to stay.
Tomorrow is another day.

Covid tracking

I've been tracking and recording Covid cases in our Georgia county (Cobb) since early May. While I understand that there are various reasons for this tracking not to be an exact science, I'll be damned if I can understand why DEATHS can periodically go BACKWARDS. Or why these resurrections aren't making the news.

Quarantine Diary

Quarantine Day 1: Iím going to use this time to develop new life skills.
Day 36. Look! I can build a Leggo castle using only my teeth!

Quarantine Day 3: Iíll take long quiet walks to commune with nature.
Day 37: Whoa! That bird sneezed! I swear, it sneezed. Or coughed? Maybe it coughed.

Quarantine Day 4. Weíll become more self-sufficient. Learn to do things for ourselves.
Day 38: Good God Almighty, nobody should have to squeeze their own oranges!

Quarantine Day 5. Iím going to set up an exercise plan for myself and my husband.
Day 39. Screw you! Iím not walking all the way into the kitchen to get you a pickle.

Quarantine Day 6. Iím going to use this time for reading, writing and deep reflection.
Day 40. Thereís an orange unicorn in my garbage disposal and I canít get it out.

Quarantine Day 7: This has been the longest month of my life.

In light of Trump's medical advice,

I've had a few ideas of my own. I mean,
What have you got to lose?

Possible Coronavirus cures.

ē Mix a vodka and Draino cocktail
ē Kiss the license plate of a moving bus.
ē Take a friendly swim with a copperhead
ē Use leeches to suck out the poison
ē Take a long hot bath with an electric appliance.
ē Spend a lot of time in a crowded church, hugging, holding hands,
and, of course, praying
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