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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2010, 09:43 PM
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hi all

being the new kid on the block , thought i would ask before i posted.. i quit smoking using the nicotine anonymous program.. in addition to offering support to others i would like to post various nicotine anonymous links from time to time.. any problems with that ? thought i would ask and not assume..

thanks.. John R

for those wishing to quit smoking, or want support..

Hi Freinds..

during the next couple of weeks I will be celebrating a couple of recovery mile stones.. first on new years day i will be celebrating 8 years free from nicotine.. followed on January 4, 33 years clean and sober.. I was fortunate enough to quit drinking the day of my first meeting, and while i had a genuine drug history, i had walked away for them, or perhaps drifted away a better analogy, months before qutting.. i thank A.A. for my life, as the way i was drinking, i probably would not have lasted much longer..

the smoking was an entirely different matter, like many friends of Bill, attending meetings in smoke filled room just came with the territory, and i was used to chain smoking during meetings, with the social time before and after.. in fact i did not even try to quit until i was 20 years sober.. by this time i was having some breathing difficulty.. i was able to quit for about 10 months on my own (no-support) in 2000.. however stressfull events lead to picking up again.. the time between november 2000 and january 2004, was one continuosattempt to quit a few days clean followed by a week or two of relapse, or perhaps a couple of weeks, smoke a few days, stop again, a bewildering cacophany of terror... somewhere in the summer of 2002 i found Nicotine Anonymous meetings online, (at the time, type share in an irc room).. which started me on the way to recovery, and with support (i came in still smoking and relapsing), i was able to quit on January 1 2004..

so my friends i would like to invite any who wish to attend some meetings of my home group, we now use microphones and the meetings are much like the old style A.A. meetings (in fact about half of are friends of Bill, usually with significant time clean and sober)..there are nearly 40 meetings weekly.. ranging from general discussion, newbies, and literature studies (yes we have our own big book) the meetings are on paltalk, with additional support (events calendar and posts) on yahoo..

the following link will give you all the information you need to know to get to meetings http://www.voicesofnicotinerecovery.com/
also feel free to contact me for any information contact me through this group or my e-mail oldhippydude999@yahoo.com

if i did not mention above you are welcome to attend while still smoking, in fact we enourage active smokers considering a quit to attend..

also please i am probably one of the worlds worse typists, as well as dyslexic so please forgive any errors.. imgoing to need DU3's spell check soon..

new here

freind of billw scince Jan 4 1979... tobacco free scince january 1 04

whats this?

i went to post a reply and this came up.. can't thinkof athing ive done tobe censured, other than perhaps typing while dyslexic..honest officer skinner ill take a breathalyzer test...lol

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

whats the latest from Winconsin?

i am assuming no news is good news
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