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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2010, 09:43 PM
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all this time... i had Newt pegged as a Right wing Christian

looks like hes a "Moonie"...

wait till the right wingers figure out.. that willard is part of the illuminati

congressional primary

curious.. who's best and why..

if corporations are people acording to Slick Willard

should not his activity at Bain Capial, be considered genocide?

today is Jan 4

what that means to me is that i now have been sober 33 years.. in 1979 i went to my first aa meeting, and have been sober scince.. i pretty much spent my 20's more or less continously intoxicated, with a healthy dose of canabis, and other drugs of the time.. curiosly i was abale to walk away from the drugs, but not the alcohol.. (and of course tobacco was yet another story)

i sobered up at age 32, and with todays birthday that means i have now been clean and sober for a little over half my life.. funny thing how if you drank like i did, the first little while of your recovery is burned in your memory.. 79 was like this year the first fell on sunday, and i remeber walking into the club drinking weak coffee with shaking hands, and being welcomed.. going to at least 3 meetings that day.. the last being a speaker meeting

ironically i didnt mark the date down, in fact i was able to reconstruct the date by months end, only becuase of the meetings that day.. the last wednesday of the month, was a birthday meetings.. these are always start out with the oldest, on down.. i think that month there was someone around 20 years, who i lisntend too, folowed by more old farts.. the final speaker was a lady named sally, i listened in rapt attention to Sally, she had a year... an amount of time i could only dream of..

the years have been good to me.. while i do today suffer with some medical issues.. the fact remains i would not be alive today had i not got sober.. i can thank folks like Bill & Dr Bob for my life, as well as folks like many of you..

today i will hit a noon time A A meeting, then this evening my local Nicotine Anonymous meeting, to pick up an 8 year chip there.. all in all a big day in a big week.. thanks for this forum.. and a place to share i am gratefull to be here..

please forgive any faux pas in spelling, as i am dyselexic ..
Posted by oldhippydude | Wed Jan 4, 2012, 08:33 AM (9 replies)

8 years smokefree today

Hi Freinds..

during the next couple of weeks I will be celebrating a couple of recovery mile stones.. first on new years day i will be celebrating 8 years free from nicotine.. followed on January 4, 33 years clean and sober.. I was fortunate enough to quit drinking the day of my first meeting, and while i had a genuine drug history, i had walked away for them, or perhaps drifted away a better analogy, months before qutting.. i thank A.A. for my life, as the way i was drinking, i probably would not have lasted much longer..

the smoking was an entirely different matter, like many friends of Bill, attending meetings in smoke filled room just came with the territory, and i was used to chain smoking during meetings, with the social time before and after.. in fact i did not even try to quit until i was 20 years sober.. by this time i was having some breathing difficulty.. i was able to quit for about 10 months on my own (no-support) in 2000.. however stressfull events lead to picking up again.. the time between november 2000 and january 2004, was one continuosattempt to quit a few days clean followed by a week or two of relapse, or perhaps a couple of weeks, smoke a few days, stop again, a bewildering cacophany of terror... somewhere in the summer of 2002 i found Nicotine Anonymous meetings online, (at the time, type share in an irc room).. which started me on the way to recovery, and with support (i came in still smoking and relapsing), i was able to quit on January 1 2004..

so my friends i would like to invite any who wish to attend some meetings of my home group, we now use microphones and the meetings are much like the old style A.A. meetings (in fact about half of are friends of Bill, usually with significant time clean and sober)..there are nearly 40 meetings weekly.. ranging from general discussion, newbies, and literature studies (yes we have our own big book) the meetings are on paltalk, with additional support (events calendar and posts) on yahoo..

the following link will give you all the information you need to know to get to meetings http://www.voicesofnicotinerecovery.com/
also feel free to contact me for any information contact me through this group or my e-mail oldhippydude999@yahoo.com

if i did not mention above you are welcome to attend while still smoking, in fact we enourage active smokers considering a quit to attend..

also please i am probably one of the worlds worse typists, as well as dyslexic so please forgive any errors.. imgoing to need DU3's spell check soon..
Posted by oldhippydude | Sun Jan 1, 2012, 03:01 AM (8 replies)
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