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Member since: Sun Jun 27, 2010, 09:05 PM
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An EverTrumper and a life long Democrat walk into a hospital.

Without going into details, suffice to say I have a nasty fatal disease. About a month ago I fell and couldn't get up. Called my doctor who told me to get to the ER. Called 911 and got an ambulance ride the the hospital where my doctor was doing rounds. I was COVID-19 clear, so was admitted. Most hospital rooms house two patients each. So, here I am, a life-long Democrat, who won't allow a gun in my home sharing a room with an ever-trumper who quintessential gun-nut. We got to talking, quickly recognized that politics was not a good topic, but we managed to chat a lot, reminiscing over the good old days. He had been career military, I had been a computer geek. (He was a bit of a BSer as many of his stories were obviously exaggerated.) One afternoon one of the head nurses, who happened to have come from Africa, ended up in a three way conversation that lasted about half an hour, talking about theology and discovered that we all three of us, the BSer, the African Nurse, and me, the computer geek with the Protestant Minister father all agreed on just about every point of Christianity. Absolutely amazing. My roomie's wife had recently died in the middle of a divorce proceeding. He had two storage sheds one of which some of his kids were trying to raid. Since the wife had died before the divorce the kids were NOT entitled, so he was in the process of clearing out the 2nd storage shed, getting rid of stuff that he didn't want the kids to get. About a day or two before he was released, he found a top of the line adjustable hospital bed and offered it to me free of charge, and one that he would deliver to me. The only stipulation being that when the bed was no longer needed, I would pass it along to someone else at no charge and with the same stipulation.

Just an interesting story of an EverTrumper and almost pacifist life long Democrat sharing a hospital room and getting along and more or less respecting each others POV.
Posted by Stonepounder | Thu Jul 9, 2020, 06:36 PM (5 replies)
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