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cleanhippie's Journal
cleanhippie's Journal
August 27, 2013

Richard Dawkins attacks Muslim bigots, not just Christian ones. If only his enemies were as brave.

Cultural conservatives have always hated Dawkins for challenging traditional Christian beliefs. The liberal-left is fine with knocking Christianity, but it hates Dawkins for being intellectually consistent and tweeting — yes, that’s right, tweeting — against Islam too. Many of the charges against his inappropriate tweets are extraordinary. Jones denounces Dawkins for tweeting ‘Who the hell do these Muslims think they are? At UCL of all places, tried to segregate the sexes in debate’. If Jones can’t see what is wrong with segregation, then not even an equality course for beginners can save him.

But let me try to be fair. Dawkins has also tweeted against all Muslims — not just sexist god-botherers at University College London. I accept that generalising about Muslims can incite racism. It is all very well atheists saying that religion is not the same as race, because you are free to decide what god if any you believe in, but cannot choose your ethnicity. But try telling that to the persecuted Christians, Shia and Sunni of the Middle East. Their religious persecution is no different from racial persecution. I would go further and concede that Dawkins’s critics had other arguments that weren’t wholly asinine, were it not for a telling detail. They never stick their necks out and defend real liberal Muslims and ex-Muslims who are being persecuted in Britain right now.

They stay silent because they are frightened of breaking with the crowd, of the faint threat of Islamist retaliation, and of absurd accusations of racism. Journalists want the easy life. They want targets who cannot hurt them. Dawkins has never hurt a fly, so he’s all right. Looked at in a certain light, however, the enemies of Nahla Mahmoud might not be.


One day there will be a reckoning. One day, thousands who have suffered genital mutilation, religious threats and forced marriages will turn to the intellectual and political establishments of our day and ask why they did not protect them. The pathetic and discreditable reply can only be: ‘We were too busy fighting Richard Dawkins to offer you any support at all.’

August 23, 2013

Nothing Fails Like Faith

And this time, that failure endangers us all.

Vaccine-fearing Texas megachurch urges flock to immunize after measles outbreak

A Texas megachurch whose leaders have linked vaccines to autism is now asking its members to get immunizations or stay quarantined after an outbreak of measles was traced to the congregation.

Instead of her normal sermon on Sunday, Eagle Mountain International Church Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons was forced to spend the majority of her time explaining how the congregation should react to the news that all of the 11 measles cases in Tarrant County had been linked to members or visitors of the church.

“You are more than enough, Jesus, you are more than enough!” Pearsons began. “You’re more than enough for any need we have. More than enough, Jesus. For things known and unknown, Jesus, you are more than enough. Can you shout, amen?”

“We’re going to talk about some things affecting our church, and as we go through it, we remain steadfast that Jesus is more than enough,” she told the congregation. “There has been a … confirmed case of the measles from the Tarrant County Public Health Department. And that is a really big deal in that America, the United States has been essentially measles free for I think it’s 10 years. And so when measles pops up anywhere else in the United States, the health department — well, you know, it excites them.”

Pearsons went on to say that the church was offering free vaccination clinics, and urged those who did not attend to quarantine themselves at home for two weeks.

August 19, 2013

Google Maps. Checkmate.

August 6, 2013

Christian Entertainer Serving 20 Years After Getting Caught Planning To Eat Kids

What. The. Fuck.

It's been a long-running meme from Christians that it's the Atheists that eat babies. More projection, I guess.

There are some atrocities in this world for which there are no words. What I am about to tell you is one of them, but I swear to do my damndest to find the words, because you need to know about it.

Most anyone reading this blog is likely familiar with the many so-called ”sexual sins” that the more batshit contingent of the Christian community in this nation is constantly trumpeting about. You probably also know that, usually, the louder they protest, the more they have to hide. This situation is no different, though it is, quite possibly, the sickest I have ever written about.

Ronald William Brown of Largo, Florida, regularly used his successful Christian children’s show to warn kids about the evils and dangers of pornography. He does it in a most creative way- with the aid of a puppet that can only be described as the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen aimed at kids. For a sample of what fans of this man have been subjecting their children to, here’s the video:

That isn’t the worst of it, though. Gawker reports that Brown was just sentenced to 20 years in prison for possession of child pornography. He was allegedly involved in a conspiracy to kidnap, cook, and eat a child with a man named Michael Arnett, whom he met through the Gulf Coast Church. According to investigators on the case, Brown and Arnett had a specific child in mind for these disturbing plans.

Brown says that he never intended to actually act out his online fantasies in real life, but they were disturbing enough for authorities to take action. Brown allegedly said in one of his internet chats with Arnett:

“I imagine him wiggling and then going still.”


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