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My response to "rape is a gift" Rick Santorum

Here's a petition to ignorant control-freak Rick Santorum regarding his remarks about pregnancy and rape: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/3/dont-punish-rape-with-pregnancy/

My response (somewhere in the petition many pages back and I've edited it a bit since):

You know, it's just too bad that men can't become pregnant after rape or incest. I highly suspect they'd be singing a different tune if they could.

Let's have a closer look at the men behind the war on women, shall we Mr. Santorum?


It's unfortunate Mr. Santorum, that you’d rather be right than be compassionate. That you'd rather be right than solve problems. That you would rather oppose abortion than prevent it. And you do NOT prevent it by outlawing it. In fact, a recent study has shown that in countries who outlaw abortion, the actual rate of abortion INCREASES.


As far as what's medically safer for women (not that you care about that), it's actually medically safer for a woman to have an abortion then to go through childbirth.


Here's a very enlightening article about how conservative Christianity's obsessions actually *promote* abortion:


A quote from one of the above articles:

"The most effective way to reduce abortion is to de-stigmatize sexual education, de-mythologize virginity, and invest in broad access to the most effective contraceptives available. In the highly secular Netherlands, that formula has knocked abortion down to 7 per 1000 women annually, one third the U.S. rate. So why does the Religious Right keep their focus on restrictive laws instead of contraceptive access? Why do they promote person-rights for zygotes, in contradiction to the very essence of personhood? Why do they oppose medically accurate sex ed? Why do they pledge to defund Title X family planning?"

I'll tell you why Mr. Santorum. It's because you care more about being "right" than about human rights. You care more about controlling women than about compassion. You are not interested in PREVENTING abortion, Mr. Santorum. You are only interested in opposing it. And those are two very different things with two very different motives behind it.

You cannot control the behavior of other people when it comes to personal decisions like abortion, as vehemently as you may try. There is ONE person's behavior you can control. YOURS. And you need to talk to a psychiatrist about your pathological need to control others' personal decisions.

Isn't it odd that once a baby is detached from a woman's body, that you no longer care about that baby anymore? It's only when the baby is attached to a woman's womb that you "care" about that baby. Isn't it interesting how you parasitically attach yourself to a woman's womb and her physical ability to reproduce as a means of controlling her?

Because that's what this is about: Controlling women. It's not about "protecting innocent lives". If you cared about "innocent lives", you'd be railing against the millions of "innocent lives" that were taken in Iraq, many of them children and babies. If you cared about "innocent lives", you'd be promoting programs to end child poverty and child abuse here in the U.S.

But you don't . . . you don't because you don't care about "protecting innocent lives". You care about controlling women. You care about opposing abortion, NOT preventing abortion. You just want control, not prevention.

You are only hurting your alleged "cause", as the facts and recent research clearly show. You will never win the control you crave over women, Mr. Santorum. Never. And you need help for your pathological obsession. Please get it soon.
Posted by ProfessionalLeftist | Fri Jan 27, 2012, 02:52 PM (24 replies)
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