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Just a few words about the employer intimidation going on re: voting

What you do in the voting booth is YOUR business - and no one else's. Not your friends. Not your family. Not your wife/husband/partner. Not your employer. No one! It's private.

Unless your employer demands to see your market ballot and to know how you voted -- THEY DON'T KNOW. And that means you can vote how YOU want to vote. If your employer asks, tell them what they want to hear and leave it at that.

Who you voted for is none of anyone else's business, anyway. It is personal, private information.

Your employer cannot find out who you voted for without going to court to get the record of your vote -- your completed ballot. I've never heard of anyone doing that, for one thing. And for another, ballots do not have identifying info on them ie: name.

I suppose in some cases, employers could look up your voter registration and just fire all Dems - but I'd think it would hurt THEM to do that since they'd have to get rid of probably half of their workforce. Turnover costs money no matter what the reason.

There is a limit to the damage that can be done by these petulant threats to employees about who they should vote for (threats put out on the suggestion of Mitt Romney, we've learned).

This is nothing but another voter intimidation tactic. Don't fall for it, folks. They cannot stop you from voting and they cannot stop you from voting for whoever YOU want to vote for and they cannot find out who you voted for - not without a lot of trouble and expense - if at all.

So VOTE and vote the way YOU want. Because the only person who knows how you voted is YOU.
Posted by ProfessionalLeftist | Thu Oct 18, 2012, 11:14 PM (5 replies)
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