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Dear Mr. President, In regards to the so-called "entitlements" . . .


Dear Mr. President,

In regards to the so-called "entitlements" the Wall-Street-created "Campaign To Fix The Debt" lobby wants to cut ie: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, in order to save themselves from paying more (or in many cases ANY taxes), and these "shared sacrifices" yourself and others keep talking about -- I do not see the necessity at this time for "shared sacrifice" from the Middle Class.

Here's why: It has been reported that around 93 percent of the benefit in this recovery has been gained by the wealthy and big corporations. Meanwhile, the middle class and the impoverished have continued to suffer. Many have lost their jobs, their savings, and their homes. Poverty has increased.

Mr. President, the Middle Class and the indigent have ALREADY sacrificed. We've DONE our share! Now it's time for the wealthy to step up to the plate and take their turn and do their share. This means corporations that pay no taxes, as well as corporations that pay no taxes and additionally receive subsidies from the U.S. Government.

Since the beginning of this recession, there has been no "shared sacrifice". Wall St. was bailed out and has reaped record profits while the rest of America still suffers, still sacrificing.

Let those who have already sacrificed be protected from further financial harm and let us demand that those who have benefited most from the bailouts and the recovery (namely Wall St. and the very wealthy) step up to the plate and take their rightful turn at "sacrifice".

Please leave our Medicare and Social Security alone! We Middle Class have done more than our share of sacrificing already!

REFERENCE article:

9 Greedy CEOs Trying to Shred the Safety Net While Pigging Out on Corporate Welfare


(NOTE: Parts of this letter were adapted from other DU posts and links)
Posted by ProfessionalLeftist | Tue Nov 27, 2012, 11:08 AM (0 replies)
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