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Trayvon Martin is dead because he was wearing a hoodie? Bullshit.

Geraldo (or anyone else) citing the fact that Treyvon Martin was wearing a hoodie as the (or a) reason he was murdered is pure horseshit.

Here's why: This is just like saying a woman was raped because she wore a short skirt. Or, because she was walking on a certain street or walking at a certain time of day.

It doesn't make a damn bit of difference. What all this is - is a way to blame the victim for the violent behavior of criminals.

I doesn't matter what Treyvon was wearing or where he was walking. It doesn't matter what a rape victim was wearing or where she was walking. Neither deserves to be the target of a violent crime. Period.

What matters is that these crimes go unpunished and the perpetrators get away while our society REFUSES to hold them responsible for THEIR behavior - instead busily blaming the victim.

George Zimmerman is still walking free. Treyvon Martin is dead and Geraldo is making excuses for him. And this shit happens all over the U.S. every day. This particular case just happened to get on the radar.

While these almighty American Taliban men in the U.S. capitol and in the various states worry about what women do with their little uteruses and who pays for it, actual lives are prematurely ended or ruined every damn day - with a whole lot of impunity, unabated and most often, unnoticed.

Hate crimes.

You black? You're a target. You a woman? You're a target. You gay? You're a target. I could go on....

When is somebody going to worry about that? When will the American Taliban's "pro-life" asses gonna worry about THAT? The need to get their high and mighty noses out of women's lady-parts and DO something about actually saving some lives instead of making a lame-ass pretense of it.

They can start when they •stop• blaming victims for the criminals' behavior.
Posted by ProfessionalLeftist | Sat Mar 24, 2012, 09:03 AM (9 replies)
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