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Badly-written rant about what's at stake here in 2012

Romney's business was Bain, and success meant making money for its shareholders - at any cost. Even at the cost of shutting down huge plants and decimating lives and local economies to do it.

But wait a minute here. Is Bain the anomoly? Are they some exception because they do/have done this?

Newsflash: That's all most businesses care about and especially big corps - making profit and big money for their CxOs and shareholders - AT ANY COST to other people, the economy, the environment.

They don't care.

They don't care how they do it or who they hurt in the process. Because they have no conscience. They have no conscience because they. are. not. people.

There are however, people who also have no conscience. We call them psychopaths. Mitt Romney is probably one of them. George W. Bush was probably another. The Koch Brothers? No doubt.

Look out. These people and entities run. the. world. And they are ONE STEP from having complete control of the United States.

That is what this election is about. They want it. They want it BAD. Look at all the money they're spending to get it.

Will "we the people" (the ones with consciences and mortgages to pay who do the work for them and who they feed off of) stop them from this corporate coup?

Because I'm telling you if we do not stop them WE. ARE. DONE. The United States will officially be US, Incorporated. Everything run by corporations for profit. Not just healthcare, which is bad enough, but the prisons, water systems, school systems, libraries, transportation systems, road and bridge maintenance - everything - owned and run by corporate entities who only care about profit, not people. ALEC exists to do just that. Privatize EVERYTHING. Including the U.S. government.

Oh you might think that's a good thing. After all "big government = bad", right? Well, actually wrong. Keep reading.

Privatization IS a good thing - for THE BIG CORPORATIONS.

But it's not for the rest of us.

Bain is just the tip of the iceberg. They are the epitome of the bigger issue here.

Listen: This is the huge moral issue of our time. Not abortion. Not gays. Those things are just distractions from the real problem: The unmitigated love of and pursuit of money and profit at all cost to humans, society, economies.

In a word: GREED. The love of money is the root of all evil. This is true. And we are faced with the biggest moral choice we've ever made in the history of our nation. Right now. And many people don't even realize it.

Why do you think they hate regulations? Because regulations force them to care. Sometimes regulations make it hurt THEM to hurt others for profit. They don't like that. But - that's the only way they will STOP.

Not stop making profits. No one wants that. But regulations are the the only way we have to make them STOP HURTING PEOPLE, local and national economies, society, public health, and the environment in order to do make their profits.

It's that way for all psychopaths (or whatever conscienceless entity in question). It's the only thing that makes them stop hurting someone else to get what they want --it has to hurt THEM to hurt others. It's the only way they "get" it. It's the only thing they understand.

Corporations can make profits and be successful while also being socially responsible and moral. While also caring. We've seen some of them do it. But Bain Capitol certainly was not one of them. And sadly, most of them are not. And the worst ones want to own and run America.

Bain is just part of a bigger issue. It's the epitome of THE bigger moral issue here: A country and a world run by pure GREED and "I got mine fuck you"-ishness.

It's IMMORAL. It's unsustainable. It's DEADLY. But it will make Bain Capitol, AT & T, Exxon-Mobil, the Koch Bros, and the rest really happy.

Just one more step - the 2012 election - and they'll OWN IT ALL.

That's what they want in 2012. Are we going to give it to them? Our lives, our country, our government, our health, our children's future? All of it? Complete control -- to Exxon-Mobil, Sheldon Adelson, Koch Bros, et al?

Is it what's best for the rest of us? Is it what's best for our economy, our environment, our families, our future? No public services at all. All our tax dollars go to support big corporations who operate everything that USED to be public - and they do it purely for PROFIT and almost completely unregulated. That's what ALEC exists to promote - and guess what? It's working because no one has stopped them. What's ALEC? Look here: http://www.alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed

ALEC is pushing, in the states, voter suppression, privatization of every public service in existence for corporate profit - even the USPS, massive deregulation, massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate entities, massive gutting of collective bargaining rights. They do this though "model" legislation given to them and written by - CORPORATIONS.

But wait. WE THE PEOPLE didn't elect these corporations. Why are they writing our laws? They are not our representatives!

Well they are writing our laws. HUNDREDS of them and they've passed in state houses all across this country. All done in secret, without most voters knowledge or awareness.

If they sell some drug or device (reference some recent ALEC "model" legislation) that makes sick or kills people - they're not liable. If their roads or bridges collapse and people die, they're not liable. If they provide shitty or no service, too bad. You still have to pay your bill in full and you can complain to their customer service department -- in India. They're not liable. If your water is horrendously expensive and contaminated and your air too filthy to breathe - they're not liable. They're just there to make and rake money off of the public - to make profits. That's it.

YOU are the host upon which the corporate parasite feeds. And your children, your parents and your Earth. And when they've bled you dry? Drop dead. When you are no longer of use to the Corporate State, your life is no longer of any value.

Why do you think they've not use for actual healthCARE in the United States (not health "insurance" - healthCARE)? Because this is their attitude. Mark my words. Alan Grayson said it and they called him "crazy". But he's not crazy. He's RIGHT. Their healthcare plan is: don't get sick or hurt. If you do, die quickly.

Talk about "Entitled". Talk about "dependent". Talk about "refusing to take responsibility for lives". Well. There you go. Don't you think it's Corporate America that has this problem in spades? It is. And now, they want to own and run the United States.

2012 is the year in which they intend to complete their corporate coup.

That is where we need to be looking - that is where the fingers of blame ought be pointed. Griping about "greedy" Grandma collecting her social security (that she paid into all her life) isn't the problem. Griping about some imagined "47%" that feed off the public trough and allegedly haven't paid in (Our veterans have paid with their service, our seniors paid into Medicare and SS all their lives) isn't the problem.

Our big corporations are the guiltiest of public parasitism - with their taxless profits and huge government subsidies all while they ship our jobs elsewhere - and their "model" legislation they've written and fed to our legislators across the country. And that is why they furiously point the finger at US -- to distract from the corporate coup they're conducting right under our noses.

But WE are not the issue here.

See, big government ISN'T the problem. BIG CORPORATIONS are the problem. They are controlling our government. That's the problem. Governments should be under the control of the people, not big corporate entities that exist to make big profits at any cost.

In 2012 - will WE THE PEOPLE begin to take back control of our elected officials from them?

It's time. And it's our LAST chance to stop them from controlling it all.

This "big government" bullshit is just that: Bullshit. It's another distraction designed to keep people from looking at the real culprits - the BIG CORPORATIONS that CONTROL our government. 'Cause honey, that's where the problem is.

We are ONE STEP from this new gilded age where corporations and the very wealthiest own, run and control everything. Including YOUR government. That means YOU have no voice or choice -- in anything. It's not YOUR country anymore. You're just the host the corporate parasite feeds off of.

THIS is what the 2012 election is about. Either you want a government that represents ALL PEOPLE or you want a government that is 110% controlled and run by and for CORPORATIONS and the very wealthiest.

Careful now and don't be distracted by bullshit. I'll say it again: This is the moral issue of our time - unmitigated GREED - not abortion or gays or whatever. Those are meant to distract the public from the corporate coup going on right under their noses.

Election 2012 is about whether we want to give complete and permanent control of our government to corporations. Like Bain Capital. That's it. It's about privatizing the United States of America. Putting it completely, once and for all, in corporate (not public) hands.

Just look at them trying to buy themselves a President (Romney) - how much money have they spent buying this guy? Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers, etc.

Meanwhile, most of Obama's donations come from me, my mother, my neighbors and friends in $25 or $50 increments. In other words Obama's money comes from PEOPLE.

The choice is clear. Please. Don't be distracted by bullshit. Pay attention. AND VOTE.

Posted by ProfessionalLeftist | Sat Sep 29, 2012, 01:03 PM (11 replies)

So GWB kept us safe, eh?

So GWB kept us safe, eh? Listen...do you hear them? Braying like some possessed religious cult.

Excuse me? George W. Bush DID NOT "keep us safe". These people, these propagandists are NOT going to rewrite THIS history. Not for me. Because I REMEMBER that day.

HE. KNEW. That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw those planes fly into those buildings and it remains my primary thought about 9/11 - the heartbreak of knowing that it certainly could have been prevented had we elected (rather than having selected for us by a partisan court) a competent and conscience-possessed LEADER.

The man who led the country before Bush was out of office by the time the attacks happened no longer had any control over these events or methods of preventing them.

And George W. Bush ignored that former President's warnings about al Queda and immediately cancelled the daily meetings President Clinton used to have regarding their activity inside our country.

Now, you can call me whatever you want to call me. I've been called every name in the book. You'll have to make up new ones to surprise or hurt me. But I'm telling you that George W. Bush DID NOT keep this country "safe". Quite the contrary.

And I WILL NOT sit silently by while his propagandists try to rewrite history every 9/11.
_ _ _ _ _

CIA Documents Confirm that Bush Administration Ignored Repeated Warnings about Osama bin Laden Attack Plans


Bush held up plan to hit Bin Laden


Clinton Told Bush That Bin Laden Top Security Threat, Time Says


The Bush White House Wad Deaf to 9/11 Warnings:


I'm telling you HE. KNEW. And he did NOTHING.

Furthermore, it took BARACK OBAMA 13 years later to finally eliminate what should have been Bush's primary and ONLY target both before and after 9/11.

And it took BARACK OBAMA to finally END the needless and hideously expensive war (in terms of both dollars and lives) that Bush subsequently started in Iraq. This needless killing spree was based purely on pretentious lies and done for nothing but political and profitmaking purposes. And it had NOTHING to do with 9/11 although it was presented to the American people as something that had everything to do with it.

How many of the 9/11 hijackers were from Iraq or Afghanistan?


They were mostly from Saudi Arabia, the remainder were from UAE and Lebanon.


I'm telling you this false narrative and this attempt to rewrite our nation's history will NOT continue with me and I will not allow it to stand. Especially not on days like today.

George W. Bush did NOT keep this nation safe.

He inexplicably (to a sane mind) ignored warnings from our previous President, from his own national security team, from his own FBI and CIA officials, from multiple other nations, and from his own advisors and his own PDB(s).

HE. KNEW. And yet he did NOTHING to keep this nation safe.

Worse, he subsequently dragged us into a needless and very expensive war based purely on lies.

Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq


If Mr. Bush had a conscience, he'd be ashamed for what he's done - and for what he failed to do - deliberately or otherwise.

But as is, it's only the rest of us who REMEMBER and feel the shame of what this man has done in our nation's name - and the pain for all those who lost their lives in these needless and preventable events.

My heart resides with those who died. And my anger remains focused on the one man who could have prevented it -- but inexplicably - didn't - and then worse, went on to make sure others needlessly died in Iraq, too.

That is all.
Posted by ProfessionalLeftist | Tue Sep 11, 2012, 11:51 AM (3 replies)
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