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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 03:29 PM
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If only Hillary had showed some genuine remorse for her Iraq vote.

And if only Hillary had left well enough alone with Libya. And if she had a sincere populist bone in her body. Had she demonstrated these features when she announced her candidacy, we would have many, more Hillary supporters today, with little concern for the GOP and Mr Trump. And I believe had she done those things, Bernie Sanders would have been happy to support her then and never run against her.

She could have made life so much easier on herself. But that is not who she is or where we are. She has this sense of entitlement, as demonstrated by her unsecured server issues to avoid FOIA requests, her going behind President Obama's back (Sidney Blumenthal) and her scheme to create the Hillary Victory Fund before she even announced.

If we end up with a President a Trump, and I'm NOT voting for him, she can look back at how her prior decisions cost her any chance at the presidency.

Give this some thought if you're concerned about Trump vs Clinton.

Most of the super-delegates committed to Hillary before either candidate announced their intentions. It's all documented in the Clinton Victory Fund story so I won't go into the details. As of today, we know Trump is the presumptive nominee, Hillary is leading in pledged delegates. And I will take a leap here and assume that one of the super-Ds goals is to do whatever is necessary to get their nominee to win the general election.

If Bernie was leading in pledged delegates today, we could expect Hillary supporters to use a whole litany of reasons why the super-Ds should back her. i.e. She's the real or only Democrat, she has more experience, and so on.

In the status quo, and with winning being the most important goal, where should the super-Ds throw their support?! If they back Hillary, with such high negatives, and she loses, how foolish will the super-Ds look? Hillary cannot pull independents and millenials to her side. With all the problems of Trump, it will not be enough to get Repubs to support her. They will more likely stay home or hold their noses and vote Trump.

Bernie's support from younger voters and Independents, especially those who were blocked from voting in primaries, is strong and growing. No other candidate on either side has attracted larger average crowds to their rally's than Bernie.

Therefore, it will be on the shoulders of the Super-Delegates to take their responsibilities seriously and decide where they need to throw their support. And it is very obvious that they need to strongly consider Bernie Sanders.


If you had an epiphany that Jane Sanders is driving dirty politics,

your problem is likely a bad case of gas. Try Gas-X and call me in the morning.

I got Micheal Moore's Where to Invade Next via iTunes.

And watched it yesterday. It was very eye opening and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I found it amazing how different countries address the same issues and get the results they seem happy with.
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