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Member since: Mon Aug 30, 2010, 04:29 PM
Number of posts: 2,262

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Is this the first time in history where both presumptive nominees had 57% unfavorable ratings?

The baiting has really increased in intensity and volume. Having a backup to protect them has

brought the wild ones out of the cellar. Beware Sanders people.

Yikes! Carol Costello in attack mode against Simone Sanders on CNN now.

First she uses to super delegates to say Hillary needs about 23 delegates and Bernie has no chance. Simone accurately explained those super-Ds don't vote until July. So from a pledged delegate count, the race is still undetermined. Then Carol shows a fake concern for young voters being disengaged when Bernie loses.

Here's a thought; stay the fuck away from Costello and her Clinton talking points.

Clinton Likely Committed "Biggest Violation of Federal Records Act in History

It's as if the act was written to protect their own. But does this mean just because the skirted (please, no sexist replies) the law by resigning her position, she should be excused? PLEASE DON'T REPLY UNLESS YOU READ THE ARTICLE.

"Yet there are absolutely no penalties provided by law for this misconduct. The FRA, if violated, does provide a basis for some action being taken against an employee — but only a personnel-type administrative action that simply does not work if the employee is “long gone.”

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