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Member since: Wed Sep 29, 2010, 10:26 PM
Number of posts: 1,524

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My 1000th(-ish) post!

So I had meant to make this my 1000th post, but got carried away posting responses to people. Anyways, finally hit 1000 posts! Oh wait, that doesn't mean anything anymore...

Man Obeyed Mich. Laws, But Will Serve 10 [years] In Federal Prison For Family Pot Operation


DETROIT (WWJ) – Despite obeying state law, several Michigan marijuana patients are heading to prison because they violated federal marijuana laws.


“And in my case I’m a patient, I’m a one-hundred percent legal; the marijuana was registered to my son and my daughter and I get convicted for this,” he said.


Duval said that state officials had inspected his growing operation in Monroe County in June of 2011. “They found everything was in compliance with Michigan law. We didn’t do nothing wrong, the plant count was all there, the license was posted was in a locked secure facility,” he said.

Sentenced to 10 years. And people say the Obama administration hasn't persecuted patients...

Customer Repays Chef 15 Years Later For Valentine’s Dinner He Couldn’t Afford


How nice of the chef, and of the customer to remember

The DUzys are back!!!

Sorry if this is somewhat off-topic, but I really felt it was good news to have this light-hearted weekly humor back in our DU lives!


Steak ‘n Shake Waitress Scores $446 Tip On $6 Check

I always try to tip well, especially if someone seems to be having a bad day, but can't say I've ever tipped this well! Yay people!

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