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The Twelve Points of Conservative Power Worship

Patriarchy, Christianity, The U.S. Military, The United States, Corporations, The Constitution, Capitalism, Police, God/Jesus, White Culture, Heterosexuality, Firearms.

Notice anything?

Let’s go down the list. But before I do, I want to say there is nothing inherently and totally wrong with anything on the list below..They all have their flaws however and can be abused. But they also all have something in common and the problem is, Conservatives will go on defending these institutions without demanding reform even when reform is needed. That's because it's about power and backing a winner.

The list:

Patriarchy = The Traditional Social System of Male Superiority over Female = POWER

Christianity = The Majority Religion in America = POWER

The U.S. Military = Currently The Strongest Military in the World = POWER

The United States = Currently the Sole Existing Super Power = POWER

Corporations = Money, Control of Resources & Workers, Lobbyists in D.C. = POWER

The Constitution of The United States = The Supreme Law of the United States = POWER

Capitalism (specifically unregulated Capitalism over Environmentalism) = Currently the Most Successful & Accepted Economic System = POWER

Police = Empowered By the State with the Legitimate Use of Force = POWER

God/Jesus (over Atheism) = Deemed throughout history, and by millions, to be the final word on morality = POWER

White Culture (over minority cultures) = The culture with currently the most economic, social and political power and the racial ancestry of every single president (but the current one) = POWER

Heterosexuality = The world’s institutionalized predominant sexual orientation. Condoned by most religions over homosexuality = POWER

Firearms = Weaponry, the undeniable and historic tool and symbol of control and destruction = POWER

I am not suggesting Democrats, Liberals and Progressives cannot support some of these institutions and systems at times. My assertion is that the trouble develops when these institutions, systems and beliefs are defended, usually by Conservatives, to a degree and in specific instances that go above, beyond and against all reason. And it is specifically their worship of power that is driving them to defend these institutions, systems and beliefs with the evermore untenable and indefensible positions we see in the current headlines.

The only institution with power Conservatives won't defend is the Government...unless they're in power.
Posted by Shankapotomus | Sat Mar 2, 2013, 04:06 PM (2 replies)
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