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It's really not about politics to the typical conservative anymore

They say it is, when you talk to them and make a big show of it, but it's really about how they will look compared to others if liberal causes are allowed to win out. You can sense that is the real underlying issue for them. While for the vast majority of their opponents it's about poverty, jobs, human rights, public safety, etc---for conservatives, it's about what they will look like if others are allowed to rise to a more equitable level of economic success, treatment, respect. It's about their own self-worth.

Even in the way they discuss -- or refuse to discuss politics --- you can sense it. It's like an impenetrable cloud of tension that permeates all their interactions with themselves and others. They feel threatened in any situation where they are not the ones giving direction, being the adviser, the boss, the businessman, the coach, the teacher, the expert, the cop, the soldier, the Sergent, the stock broker, the preacher, the authoritarian, the father, the husband, the parent...They want their due attention and respect and playing and defending these roles, where others are subordinate to them, is how they get it. Just as they are involved in politics for all the wrong reasons, the typical conservative you encounter today is heavily invested in all those roles of authority for all the wrong reasons. There has to be a subordinate class to make them feel good about themselves.

Does a conservative have you under their control? Maybe a boss, a coach, a relative? They really make you feel it, don't they?

If a conservative can't feel their authority and power in these roles they get very upset. They won't discuss politics with a liberal not because they respect the politics of others but to listen to your view would be an act of subordination to you. Any action that subordinates them to the views, the authority, the counsel, the power or expertise of others is intolerable. They hate you because you're not looking to them for the answers and that's why they can't discuss politics without getting frustrated and on the verge of anger.

People need to look up to them, to aspire to be them, or to even fear them if need be.

Otherwise, how will that make them look? You can't be the one in the position of power telling them how things are going to be. No, they tell you.

But the one thing these wannabe authoritarians are subordinate to is what? Government. And, as you would expect someone who feels threatened by anyone and anything that challenges the self worth they've invested in the various roles of authority, they hate government.

It's time to stop granting conservatives the presumption it's about politics. It's not. It's about their un-admitted battle with their own personal psychology. It's about protecting and reinforcing the fragile self-esteem of insecure little children.

Want to deflate their egos? Don't support their illusion that they are an authority at anything or over anyone.

And, whenever possible, don't work for one.
Posted by Shankapotomus | Sat May 31, 2014, 12:36 PM (62 replies)
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