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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 837

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Believe it or not: Fla actually did something right. Has been counting mail-in votes for 3 weeks.

I know we lost, and the governor and state legislature are scumbags who do everything they can to stop black people from voting. But they did do this one thing right. If every state had been counting the mail-in votes as the arrived we would have been spared the last 3 days.

I say this because I believe in giving credit when it is due, and because I seldom have a chance to brag about my home state.

If Collins loses we have 50 senators plus VP Harris

Otherwise we have 49 and the soulless lizard remains majority leader, unless Cunningham manages a miracle in NC (what sort of grown man sextexts? Why can't politicians, in both parties, keep their pants on?)

If trump wins it will be the 6th time that someone lost the popular vote and won the EC, and

3 of the 6 will be in the last 20 years. There is a fundamental flaw in the structure of our government. the constitution must be changed or the United States will fall apart like the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia.

every poll had Cunningham win in NC, wtf happened?

the repubs control 26 congressional delegations

What are our chances of flipping one, in case the EC is tied.

this site shows current ec vote compared to 2016

It's reassuring.

Any suggestions for a good drinking game tonight?

Personally I intend to have a shot every time a repub uses the word "fraud."

I'm really getting scared that any state that Joe wins

By less than 5 points on election night will end up being stolen by trump and scotus.

The repubs control 26 congressional delegations. What are chances Dems can flip at least one?

Just in case the house has to decide the election.
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