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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 11:18 PM
Number of posts: 804

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No. He said that the media spends way to much..

Time on every stupid thing (Bernie's words) that Trump says and no time on Trump's position on things like climate change, wages, taxes, etc.

After the interview Maddow inferred from Bernie's answer that he does not consider abortion rights to be very important.

Bernie needs to win 56.5% of remaining pledged delgates, very possible.

How many delegates will Berne win in WA?

34 out 101 accounted for. The rest chosen at state convention in May. Does that mean the other 67 are unpleged? Can someone explain how this works.

Why Obama's lead in 2008 is different, and greater, than Clinton's lead in 2016

Many people on DU and elsewhere have said that while Clinton stayed in the 2008 race until June, Obama's lead was much smaller than Clinton's lead is now. Therefore Bernie should quit now rather then in June. However, as of March 27, 2008 46 out of 56 primaries & caucuses had already been held. Tomorrow, March 27, 2016, 35 out of 57 primaries & caucuses will have been held. Among the states that had already voted at this point in 2008 were CA, NY, and NJ.

The chart below shows the states that had already voted in 2008 compared to those states that have not yet voted this year. The difference is clear. Bernie's current position, while certainly not favorable, is far better than Clinton's position was on this date in 2008.

DID VOTE BY                                         DID NOT VOTE BY[br /]3/27/2008                                             3/27/2016
1) CA ------------------------------------------ CA
2) CT ------------------------------------------ CT
3) DE ------------------------------------------ DE
4) DC ------------------------------------------ DC
5) MD ------------------------------------------ MD
6) NJ ------------------------------------------- NJ
7) NM ------------------------------------------ NM
8) NY ------------------------------------------ NY
9) ND ------------------------------------------ ND
10) WI----------------------------------------- WI
11) WY ----------------------------------------- WY
12) AL                                                        12) Guam
13) AK                                                        13) IN
14) American Samoa                                    14) KY
15) AZ                                                        15) MT
16) AR                                                        16) OR
17) CO                                                        17) PA
18) Democrats Abroad                                 18) Puerto Rico
19) FL                                                        19) RI
20) GA                                                       20) SD
21) HI                                                        21) Virgin Islands
22) ID                                                        22) WV
23) Illinois
24) Iowa
25) Kansas
26) Louisiana
27) Maine
28) Massachusetts
29) Michigan
30) Mississippi
31) Minnesota
32) Missouri
33) Nebraska
34) Nevada
35) New Hampshire
36) Ohio
37) Oklahoma
38) Rhode Island
39) South Carolina
40) Tennessee
41) Texas
42) U.S. Virgin Islands
43) Utah
44) Vermont
45) Virginia
46) Washington

Robert Reich; How the Peoples Party Prevailed in 2020


Third parties have rarely posed much of a threat to the dominant two parties in America. So how did the People’s Party win the U.S. presidency and a majority of both houses of Congress in 2020?

It started four years before, with the election of 2016.

As you remember, Donald Trump didn’t have enough delegates to become the Republican candidate, so the GOP convention that summer was “brokered” – which meant the Party establishment took control, and nominated the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

Trump tried to incite riots but his “I deserve to be president because I’m the best person in the world!” speech incited universal scorn instead, and he slunk off the national stage (his last words, shouted as he got into his stretch limousine, were “Fu*ck you, America!”)

On the Democratic side, despite a large surge of votes for Bernie Sanders in the final months of the primaries, Hillary Clinton’s stable of wealthy donors and superdelegates put her over the top.

Both Republican and Democratic political establishments breathed palpable sighs of relief, and congratulated themselves on remaining in control of the nation’s politics.

They attributed Trump’s rise to his fanning of bigotry and xenophobia, and Sanders’s popularity to his fueling of left-wing extremism.

They conveniently ignored the deeper anger in both camps about the arbitrariness and unfairness of the economy, and about a political system rigged in favor of the rich and privileged.

And they shut their eyes to the anti-establishment fury that had welled up among independents, young people, poor and middle-class Democrats, and white working-class Republicans.

So they went back to doing what they had been doing before. Establishment Republicans reverted to their old blather about the virtues of the “free market,” and establishment Democrats returned to their perennial call for “incremental reform.”

And Wall Street, big corporations, and a handful of billionaires resumed pulling the strings of both parties to make sure regulatory agencies didn’t have enough staff to enforce rules, and to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Establishment politicians also arranged to reduce taxes on big corporations and simultaneously increase federal subsidies to them, expand tax loopholes for the wealthy, and cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for it all. (“Sadly, we have no choice,” said the new President, who had staffed the White House and Treasury with Wall Streeters and corporate lobbyists, and filled boards and commissions with corporate executives).

Meanwhile, most Americans continued to lose ground.

Even before the recession of 2018, most families were earning less than they’d earned in 2000, adjusted for inflation. Businesses continued to shift most employees off their payrolls and into “on demand” contracts so workers had no idea what they’d be earning from week to week. And the ranks of the working poor continued to swell.

At the same time, CEO pay packages grew even larger, Wall Street bonus pools got fatter, and a record number of billionaires were becoming multi-billionaires.

Then, of course, came the recession, along with bank losses requiring another round of bailouts. The Treasury Secretary, a former managing director of Morgan Stanley, expressed shock and outrage, explaining the nation had no choice and vowing to “get tough” on the banks once the crisis was over.

Politics abhors a vacuum. In 2019, the People’s Party filled it.

Its platform called for getting big money out of politics, ending “crony capitalism,” abolishing corporate welfare, stopping the revolving door between government and the private sector, and busting up the big Wall Street banks and corporate monopolies.

The People’s Party also pledged to revoke the Trans Pacific Partnership, hike taxes on the rich to pay for a wage subsidy (a vastly expanded Earned Income Tax Credit) for everyone earning below the median, and raise taxes on corporations that outsource jobs abroad or pay their executives more than 100 times the pay of typical Americans.

Americans rallied to the cause. Millions who called themselves conservatives and Tea Partiers joined with millions who called themselves liberals and progressives against a political establishment that had shown itself incapable of hearing what they had been demanding for years.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Time for These Two Democrats to Go


...They represent everything wrong with the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton should tell them to take a hike...

...There are two Democrats whose resignation from office right now would do their party and country a service....if Secretary Clinton really wants us to believe she’s no creature of the corporate and Wall Street money machine...she should come right out and ask for the resignations of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Democratic National Committee Chair — and Florida congresswoman — Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In one masterstroke, she could separate herself from two of the most prominent of all corporate Democratic elitists.

Bernie Sanders Is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race, and I’ll Prove It to You


...in each state, most of the early primary voting occurs before the candidates have aired any commercials or held any campaign events. For Bernie Sanders, this means that early voting happens, pretty much everywhere, before anyone knows who he is. Certainly, early voting occurs in each state before voters have developed a sufficient level of familiarity and comfort with Sanders to vote for him.

But on Election Day — among voters who’ve been present and attentive for each candidate’s commercials, local news coverage, and live events — Sanders tends to tie or beat Clinton.

In fact, that’s the real reason Sanders does well in caucuses.

It’s not because caucuses “require a real time investment,” as the media likes to euphemistically say, but because caucuses require that you vote on Election Day rather than well before it....

How committed is Clinton to ending private prisons?

In September 2015 Sanders introduced a bill ban government contracts for privately run prisons and jails within three years.

WASHINGTON — Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced legislation on Thursday that promises to ban government contracts for privately run prisons and jails within three years.

A month later Clinton announced that she would also ban private prisons and would no longer accept their campaign contributions. However private prison lobbyists had already contributed $133,000 to her campaign (Clinton said that money would be given to charity).

Lobbying firms that work for two major private prison giants, GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America, gave $133,246 to the Ready for Hillary PAC, according to Vice. Those companies operate a number of criminal and immigrant detention facilities, some of which have been plagued by allegations of abuse and poor treatment of detainees.

Her current stance is admirable and she might act accordingly if elected. However it is not unreasonable to wonder how committed she is to this issue.

HuffPost: Think Again Hillary Democrats: 10 Reasons Why She Could Lose this Fall


The media tells us that Hillary has a lock on the nomination. That news should make her supporters extremely nervous, and not because the prognosticators have been wrong so many times already. All Democrats should worry because her major policy and character flaws could leave us with a Republican president this fall. Here’s why.

"It Can't Happen Here" free download

This book is getting mentioned a lot these days. If anyone wants to read it you can download it for free (public domain) here;

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