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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 11:18 PM
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Map of the former United States; repost from 3 months ago.

I posted this a few years ago as a lark, but now I think it is inevitable.

1) I had trouble deciding if Mountainland and Midland should be one nation or two. I decided on two because I thought Colorado and Nebraska wouldn’t get along.

2) Hispanica may or may not decide to become part of Mexico.

3) Regarding Alaska; Russia invades Alaska after the collapse of the United States government. Canada counterattacks with the support of England, other Commonwealth nations, and whatever remains of NATO. After a few weeks of fighting, Russia and England come very close to a nuclear war. The United Nations then negotiates a partition similar to that of North and South Korea. The result is what is shown on the map.

4) All the scientists at Duke University, UNC, Rice, Vanderbilt, etc. are banished from New Christendom. They seek refuge in my country of South Florida. As a result the Republic of South Florida becomes the world’s leading center of scientific research.
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