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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 11:18 PM
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Sudan Is About To Execute A Teen For Defending Herself Against Rape

Source: Huffington Post

The 19-year-old Sudanese woman is currently on death row in Omdurman, Sudan, for killing a man in self-defense. She was convicted of murdering her husband, who raped her on their “honeymoon.”

When she was 16, Noura’s family attempted to force her to marry a man, despite the fact that Islam prohibits marriage without consent. Refusing the marriage, she ran 155 miles away from her family home to a town called Sennar. She lived with her aunt for three years, determined to complete her high school education and with her eyes on further studies. In 2017, she received word that the wedding plans had been cancelled and that she was safe to return home.

It was a cruel trick. On her return, Noura found the wedding ceremony underway and was given away to the same groom she had rejected three years earlier.

Defiant, Noura refused to consummate the wedding for a number of days. Her husband became increasingly aggressive, and before the week was over, forced himself onto his teenage wife. With the help of his two brothers and a cousin who held her down, her husband raped her.

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/opinion-abdel-magied-sudan-rape-hussein-execution_us_5b036e66e4b0a046186f0f2d

Bernie Sanders Has A Plan To Revive Labor Unions

Source: Huffington Post

Sanders’ bill, called the Workplace Democracy Act, would remove several of the major barriers to organized labor’s growth.

It would ban “right to work” laws, which allow employees to opt out of paying union dues even though the union must still bargain on their behalf, leading to what unions call “free-riding.” In recent years, Republicans and business groups have pushed to expand the reach of right-to-work laws, which are now on the books in 28 states, including traditional labor strongholds like Michigan and Wisconsin.

The bill would also guarantee workers the right to form a union after a majority in their workplace have signed cards saying that is their wish. “Card check,” as the process is known, lets organizers bypass the holding of a secret-ballot election, before which employers often pressure workers to vote no.

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders-revive-labor-unions_us_5af3556de4b0859d11d00d39
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