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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 11:18 PM
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Warren is great, but I fear she may get the Al Gore treatment from the press.

For most of his career Gore had a reputation as being a boy scout. His honesty and integrity were unchallenged. Karl Rove then employed his strategy of attacking his opponent's strength, and the media went along with it (the internet, Love Canal, Love Story, etc). Soon many people believed that Gore was the biggest liar since Nixon.

trump has already shown that he will try to make Warren's credibility an issue. He will claim that she lied about her being part Native American, and that all of her many accomplishments in life are due to affirmative action based on that lie. This tactic will resonate for many people who are opposed to affirmative action. The media will report trump's allegations in a misguided attempt to be even handed (the old problem of false equivalency). Also because it makes for entertaining TV and a close race is good for ratings.

I think Warren would be a great president, but I am worried that she may get Gored.

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