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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 11:18 PM
Number of posts: 804

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How do I know if my signature on my mail-in ballot matches

My signature on record? I have been registered at my current home for 20 years. My penmanship has always been erratic and my hand is a lot less steady than it was.

538: The Senate's Rural Skew Makes It Very Hard For Democrats To Win The Supreme Court


the Senate is an enormous problem for Democrats given the current political coalitions, in which Democrats are dominant in cities while Republicans triumph in rural areas. And because the Senate is responsible for confirming Supreme Court picks, that means the Supreme Court is a huge problem for Democrats too. Sure, Democrats might win back the Senate this year — indeed, they were slight favorites to do so before the Ginsburg news. But in the long run, they’re likely to lose it more often than not.

Indeed, despite their current 47-53 deficit in the Senate, Democratic senators actually represent slightly more people than Republicans. If you divide the U.S. population by which party represents it in the Senate — splitting credit 50-50 in the case of states such as Ohio that have one senator from each party — you wind up with 167 million Americans represented by Democratic senators and 160 million by Republicans.

the Senate is effectively 6 to 7 percentage points redder than the country as a whole, which means that Democrats are likely to win it only in the event of a near-landslide in their favor nationally. That’s likely to make the Republican majority on the Supreme Court pretty durable.

Huff Post: Republicans In Swing States Were Fixing Vote-By-Mail Systems. Then Trump Tweeted.


Interesting article, but one paragraph is very frightening:

For Trump, the attack on absentee voting serves a dual purpose. Supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden are twice as likely as Trump supporters to say they plan to vote by mail, so Trump’s campaign has launched a barrage of lawsuits to stop states from expanding access to mail-in voting.

Though Trump can’t stop absentee voting entirely, he can attack its legitimacy and, potentially, lay the groundwork to declare himself the winner before all votes are counted. Because more Republicans will likely vote in person, early returns may show Trump with a large lead until officials can tally a flood of absentee ballots.

Realistically, what can be done to stop the sabotage of the post office?

I'm really worried that trump's strategy of using the post office to steal the election will work. To stop the post office coup d'état would require congressional action, and we all know that McConnell won't allow that. There isn't time for a court battle (and Scotus may decide in trump's favor anyway). Public outrage won't stop it. trump doesn't care about how brazen and obvious the corruption is as long as he wins.

Faith in the integrity of elections is necessary for a democracy. I think we may actually be witnessing the end of the United States republic. I hope someone can convince me I'm wrong.

Poll: who do you think Biden will pick - NOT who you want, but who will get it.

Remeber, this is who you think will get it, even if she is not your first choice.

A question for lawyers about Mary Trump and the confidentiality agreement

The confidentiality agreement was between Mary Trump and the other family members. Simon & Schuster was not part of the agreement, so how can they be prevented from the publishing the book? I can understand how Mary Trump can be held responsible for giving the book to the publisher. But once the publisher has the book in their possession don't they have the right to publish it since they never agreed not to? How can Simon & Schuster be bound by an agreement that they had no part in?

Worst slogan ever - "Defund the Police"

Defund the Police” is a poorly worded slogan. When people hear it they immediately think you want to get rid of all police. Then you have to go into a lengthy explanation of what it actually means. Giving people the wrong first impression and then trying to persuade them about what you really meant is not a winning strategy.

For a slogan to be effective it has to be very simple, clear, and optimistic. For example, consider these presidential campaign slogans;
A Time For Greatness
Morning in America
"Kinder, Gentler Nation"
"Change We Can Believe In"

I suggest replacing “Defund the Police” with “Reinvent the Police.” This conveys a message of positive change, not a scary image of society without law enforcement.

The DNC won't make the same "mistake" as the RNC


The Buttigieg departure, in fact, suggests that the Democratic Party establishment has learned some lessons from how GOP party elites allowed President Trump to win the Republican nomination over their objections four years ago. Perhaps Democratic elites are still organized and influential enough to affect party politics. In the time between the Nevada caucuses and today, you heard a bit of a freakout from Democrats concerned about nominating a democratic socialist to take on Trump. But that freakout resulted in some actions — prominent figures in the party urged some candidates to drop out and endorsed Biden.

In other words the GOP establishment failed to keep the nomination from an outsider who understood the mood of the electorate. The GOP establishment paid the price of their failure, winning the white house. The Democratic establishment won't make the same mistake.

name a candidate in the last 50 years, either party, who dropped out

2 days before a primary.
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