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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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I googled and gave you some information. On asking the previously reported 'defunct' DLC?

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation[1] founded in 1985 that, upon its formation, argued the United States Democratic Party should shift away from the leftward turn it took in the late 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The DLC hailed President Bill Clinton as proof of the viability of Third Way politicians and as a DLC success story.

The DLC's affiliated think tank is the Progressive Policy Institute. Democrats who adhere to the DLC's philosophy often call themselves New Democrats. This term is also used by other groups who have similar views on where the party should go in the future, like NDN[2] and Third Way.[3]

On February 7, 2011, Politico reported that the DLC would dissolve, and would do so as early as the following week.[4] On July 5 of that year, DLC founder Al From announced in a statement on the organization's website that the historical records of the DLC have been purchased by the Clinton Foundation.[5] The DLC's last chairman was former Representative Harold Ford of Tennessee, and its vice chair was Senator Thomas R. Carper of Delaware. Its CEO was Bruce Reed.


No one to ask, apparently, as they gave up the ghost prior to the 2012 election. That's why I've usually given short shrift to outrage about them ever since. The Third Way ghost lives on at DU, but not in the real world, I guess...

Not sure, time to google the DU... be back.

With One Speech Elizabeth Warren TERRIFIES The Koch Brothers and The Supreme Court

More at Segami's thread...


DLC = Koch Bros?!?

Pros and cons and LOTS of links at unionworks' thread:


Of course they also fund PBS. When you have those kinds of $s, you can afford to play both sides against each other. Who would have imagined that the eternal anti-establishmentarian Infowars was a Bircher front group, which was funded by the Koches?

Or the alleged indenpendent Tea Party claimed to be and still does claim it is, is a fully owned and operated subsidiary of the same cabal, under a dozen different names?.

I could go on, sure you know the story. Found this for you:

Posted by Old and In the Way:


Be sure to check out the rest of the thread this came from:


I can't find Warren's demand on disclosure, maybe someone can, but she asked it of the Senate or was it a rightwing think tank...

Interesting discussion of the DLC as a problem for Democrats, or maybe not:

DLC - Corporate Moles Destroying Our Party


I would like to say that their time is past and they are no longer needed. But with Citizens United and the Koch brothers and other cranky conservatives' billions, Obama made a PAC this last year - to compete.

Purity is a luxury millions whose lives have been saved by half measures can't afford to indulge themselves. It's a hard fact.

Compromises will be made, just make them the right way and get out to change the Congress and state houses - or ALEC will undo us from the ground up as they have grass roots support as well as national business interest support.

Sorry I could not find the EW quote. Post it if you find it as it would be a nice retort to them.

Don't know about now, but they were supposed to have closed their doors when the Koch $s dried up.

No, don't have a link, but it's been discussed here on DU.

The so-called Third Way (until Tony Blair showed what they were all about - privatization with slick words and pretty faces - and of course, Iraq) at one time seemed necessary to break the GOP juggernaut.

That being their input and then control of the Seven Mountains which Cruz daddy so kindly brought to notice this year, when they are well neigh impossible to resist.

After 12 years of Reaganism (I count Bush daddy as the last three years of that) Democrats were scrambling for a place in a media environment that was weighted against them.

At the time, Clinton looked better than another 4 years of Reagan. He was seen as a man who had dealt with the conservatives in a state that had once been Democratic but was slipping to rightwing religiosity. It's tumbled into the ditch now, it'll be very hard to get to the infection of Teabaggery and bigotry out.

I'm thinking this is a media event being played out to get people to accept Hillary. To make her seem more liberal than she was seen before.


"I knew I should taken that left toin at Al-ba-koi-kee."

VIDEO with clips of those enemies, ONE MORE TIME!!

Meh! it's always something... UmbrellaGate roundup:


President Obama checks to see if he still needs the umbrella held by a U.S. Marine during a joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Rose Garden of the White House, May 16


Pres Obama is holding up the Marine who's holding his umbrella. rofl


How dare he!

Sadly, it does. But most Christianists claim Jews as their authority for what they do...

And they truly hate this book:

The President's Devotional: The Daily Readings That Inspired President Obama

by Joshua DuBois



Here it is:

I don't even know what that meant. Don't wanna know, either. Long list, huh?

Look at 'em... Suspect they are descendants of the rabble shown here:

The GOP wants that kind of society.

Thanks for the pic! When I had enough a while back, I changed my sig to add:

Yeah, I can see you now...

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