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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 53,661

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Yeah, it's never just the one. It's a war. It's a disgrace and is destroying the nation.

The racist demagogues are bolder than I've ever seen them in my life and I've seen a lot. The war on POC has gone on for centuries. It's domestic terrorism. Call it what it is.

Bet you think it's all about you...

Scrap the shit off it and give the parks back to the native americans. GTFO narcissists.

Obama: Worst President Ever? Stewart Interviews Cheney:

The Daily Show - The Jon Stewart Mysteries Presents: The Case of the Iranian Agent!

Comedy Central - Apr 17, 2015

Former Vice President Dick Cheney makes an ironic assertion about the legacy and burden of President Obama's administration.

Watch the entire mystery unfold!

'Dick Cheney is the worst president of my lifetime.' ~ Barack Obama

Vote and Rec!

When you are trolled, just say, Obama Bucket List! Naming my Ignore list that...

Reaching down to this toady to attack Dems?

Geeze, we knew he was a walking disaster area in Texas, eviscerating social services for his buddies, corrupt from the get-go. Halliburtion and Kellogg were already screwing things up for years their with their construction projects, but you know, they got first dibs on 'reconstructing' Iraq. Mainly to their own pockets.

From Jeb's coordinated, racist attack on the citizens of Florida, see where Greg Palast detailed it:


And further proof it was racist:

Voters Barred from Voting. In this category we find a combination of incompetence and trickery that stops voters from pulling the lever in the first place. There’s the purge of "felon" voters that continues to eliminate thousands whose only crime is VWB - Voting While Black. It includes subtle games like eliminating polling stations in selected districts, creating impossible lines. No one can pretend to calculate a hard number for all votes lost this way any more than you can find every bullet fragment in a mutilated body. But it’s a safe bet that the numbers reach into the hundreds of thousands of voters locked out of the voting booth.


And the Brooks Brothers' Riot:

Included in the list pictured there, and all illegal by federal and sent there by Tom Delay to stop the lawful process of the election:

1. Tom PYLE, office of House Majority Whip Tom DELAY (R-TX)
2. Garry MALPHRUS, Majority Chief counsel
3. Rory COOPER, staff member, Nat’l Republican Congressional Committee
4. Kevin SMITH, former House Republican Conference Analyst
5. Steven BRODY, Former Aide to Sen. Fred D. THOMPSON (R-TN)
6. Matt SCHLAPP, BUSH Campaign Staff, Austin
7. Roger MORSE, Aide to Rep. Van HILLARY (R-TN)
8. Duane GIBSON, Aide to Chairman Don YOUNG (R-AK)
9. Chuck ROYAL, Ass’t to Rep. Jim DeMINT (R-SC)
10. Layna McCONKEY, Former legislative ass’t to former Rep. Jim Ross LIGHTFOOT (R-IA)

Read the whole thing:


And to Cheney's secret Energy Summit where he and his oil buddies tlikely planned the Iraq War, to Little Boots talking about 'new product lines introduced in September' as a euphemism for the war they had planned:


The remaining media carried one scandal after another daily before September 11th, such as the lethal scandal of their pals at ENRON, a real theft of pensions, jobs and lives of vulnerable people in several states. While they laughed their asses off. Just take a look at:

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room:


There are so many other examples of bad actions, but some still voted for this man in 2000 and 2004! They were either clueless then, and likely clueless now, or saw a way to profit like certain individuals did for years.

Yuk it up at the 5:00 mark! Hilarious!

So Frum didn't see a problem?

No, of course not. Nothing about it was illegitmate to him. Up there near the seat of power, working for his GOP masters, Frum saw nothing wrong with the Voting Rights Act being violated openly in 2000 when it was still in force, and likely isn't a 'progressive' in any other matter.

His complaints on Republicans are mild rebukes. As if to say to Hitler:

'Look pal, you're doing it wrong. Make sure no one finds out what you did. That's all you gotta do. Now carry on with the program.'

I used to believe DU wouldn't sink so low as to use GOP and RW sources in an attempt to bury a Democrat, or do opposition research to help Republicans, yet offer nothing in the way of a replacement hitter.

Yet they are, and I believe DU will be RF central through 2016. Or course if one hasn't dealt with real harassment and prejudice and have nothing to lose, those other folks don't mean anything. I've come to believe that.

Some of my favorites:

“I can’t wait to see who the Koch brothers pick.  It’s exciting. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, who will finally get that red rose?”

“Ted Cruz said that denying the existence of climate change made him like Galileo. Now that’s not really an apt comparison. Galileo believed the Earth revolves around the sun. Ted Cruz believes the Earth revolves around Ted Cruz… when a guy who has his face on a ‘HOPE’ poster calls you self-centered, you’ve got a problem.”

He mentioned narcissicism with Cruz, too. And from Luther:

And from Luther:


More from Luther:


Transcribed from:



Yet much of the work we do is not valued — not by economists, not by historians, not by popular culture, not by government leaders.

What a better world it would be, if those things were valued. And we must remember that as women are treated, SO IS THE EARTH.

President Obama at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner

The Daily Conversation

Published on Apr 25, 2015

President Obama's full comedy routine at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Obama Makes It Through Another Day Of Resisting Urge To Launch All U.S. Nuclear Weapons At Once

President Often Feels Button Put There 'Just To Taunt' Him. The president says the button is "constantly" in the corner of his eye.

ISSUE 47•19 • May 11, 2011

WASHINGTON - Despite being constantly tempted by the seductive power of having an apocalyptic arsenal at his fingertips, President Barack Obama somehow made it through another day Tuesday without unlocking the box on his desk that houses "the button" and launching all 5,113 U.S. nuclear warheads...

"Did you know that if you sort of put enough weight on the button with your fingertip, you can feel a little slack there before it actually clicks?" Obama added. "Thank you, and God bless America..."

"But it's hard not to dare myself to do it. It's like I'm standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, taking it all in, and I'm one millisecond away from saying to myself, 'Fuck it, Barack. Just jump...'"

During a deficit-reduction meeting last Monday with House Speaker John Boehner, the president's index finger was reportedly resting on the button the entire time without his even realizing it...

Historians have noted that a strong desire to press the button is not uncommon among U.S. presidents. After just one year in office, Jimmy Carter wrote in his diary, "You don't leave a man alone in a room with a button like that," and two years later the pages were simply covered with the word "button" over and over again. In 1974, Richard Nixon rapidly pressed the button 12 times just prior to his resignation, but Pentagon officials had already disconnected its triggering mechanism...

Read the stunning details and conclusion at:


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