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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 53,661

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That was just a test asteroid. The next one might do the trick!

Okay, just kidding:

A profession for patient people:

'That’s a violation of the Fourth Amendment,' huh? How about:

The Right of Women to be Secure in Their Persons Against Unreasonable Searches


to Raine who wrote this for a blog and posted it at DU.

Or a laser light? I think that's Skinner's speed:

Proof the Dalai Lama is a warmonger!

Good lord, I loved him in that flick.

Remember before all of this, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton HATED each other, right?

Oops, they're laughing there. Let me see if I can find another one now. Clearly, Michelle was forced to stand beside her:

Umm, Michelle does not look like a woman who can be easily pushed around. Okay, that's not it. This must be it:

Alright, alright. Michelle must have been coerced.Barack and HRC can't agree. See this. It means she sucks, right?

Hum, don't worry. I'll find it sooner or later. Well, never. Not gonna look for it after all.

Yes, CDS is like ODS which means it's actually DPDS (Democratic Party Derangement Syndrome), commonly found on Breitbart, Boortz, Savage, Rush, Freeperville, Libertarian GOP, Infowars and any number of fine RWNJ websites.

Bonus pic for the files of the Kissinger & Clinton crowd:

Well, that's it. The Dalai Lama is apparently... I'll think of a something to say later.

Wow! Mittens had several such relationships. Exceedingly nasty ones, IIRC.

Inexplicably, I had a soft spot for him. Since 'Mittens Rhymes with Kittens.' Nonetheless:

Yeah, not cool talking about activists like they are insects, huh? About those litanies:

Another one who is 'more libertarian than anything else' is Alex Jones. Who supports - LOL - Rand Paul for POTUS, followed by another one he says he *really* likes - who woulda guessed - none other than Ted Cruz! This 'more libertarian than anything else' is part of a long running scam on Democrats to create F.U.D.

I stumbled on a view from an ABC story - no kidding and tortured myself watching a video of the imminent 'collapse of the dollar!!!111!!' while Ron Paul was interviewed by Alex Jones in January of this year.

They used the familiar bogeymen, 'federal reserve' evil, 'banksters' evil, MartialLaw© to be declared by the 'unitary executive,' AKA the 'imperial presidency of Obama,' etc. They threw in the now mandatory false flags on every news story, too.

Note, I'm editing this as I go:

They carried on about the banksters (guess who first came up with that name - yes, invoking Godwin) as if they are so different from the evil corporations that are their bread and butter. And they never saw a regulation on a corporation they liked, not about pollution or tax breaks or anything.

And that 'federal reserve evil' thing - let's get rid of the only public regulation of the banks - let's see, who is in favor of that and been pushing it for years - none other than old Charles Koch hisself. But then, they're a Koch creation. And their fans are useful tools.

Then Paul and Jones proceeded to blow all the dog whistles!

They explained how the riots that will cause 'MartialLaw©,' will be because of the 'inner city' people who just happen to be poor (and *cough* black people, but they were smart enough to not say it directly, 'cause they're not racist, you know!) Paul said it's because they have 'an entitlement mentality' and want 'welfare.' Not kidding me.

All said with that oh, so familiar Clive Bundy 'Let me tell you about the Negro' tone. *winkwink* Oh, yeah, true voice of progressives!

Then they bloviated about the events in Ferguson, without bringing up the death of Michael Brown, huh. You'd think they'd have mentioned his name...

And how the protestors (who just so happened to be - uh - black, but don't mention that) had burnt down businesses and not respected property rights as they 'didn't understand the 2nd amendment there' and did it because they were incited by 'race baiters,' that is Sharpton (specifically mentioned as 'how could anyone think he represents anyone?') and unsaid miscreants like Obama, Holder, Democrats, etc. No, let's not bring up Michael Brown's name. And where, pray tell, are they when whites go on a rampage?

It's always *crickets* or *false flag* if white people do it. And they are for personhood laws (against the rights of women over their bodies), eliminating public schools as 'indoctrination centers' as Bircher literature says, Social Security, rights for immigrants, gays and for church schools and theoracy, and all that uber progressive stuff!

Paul really gets on my last nerve when he gets that smarmy tone and starts talking that shit. Black people aren't really progressive, and don't know what they are talking about, is what we can take away from this thread here... BTW, that's not racist!

And it got worse from there...

Needless to say we've got so many Libertarians, like Bryan Fischer, Rand Paul (both 'concerned' about teh gay) and the old standbys. I see things with themes to appeal to liberals and Democrats, or make them outraged. When you follow the links, they all go to websites like 'Reason.'

Ain't fooling me. None of 'em.


I looked it up because Paul was warning 'seniors' to look out for a disastrous change about the devastation to hit this year and change everyone's lives, so that 'seniors and anyone who lives on government assistance' will be hurt. They must be prepared!

All caused by Obama, the federal reserve, banksters, etc. That rumor is that it will hit in the month of September. Old Paul was just so *concerned* about seniors - but he must NOT be listening to what HIS party is doing right now! Who's kidding who here?

So much deflection in all this canned bullshit. I can tell what some posters are hearing from their buzz words. The Bilderbergers, the all encompassing evil of those rich guys! Except these are evil rich guys, not like their heroes who love all the poors (well not quite) so much, so get out and go vote for Rand Paul! Or Ted Cruz!

The mind of a person who can hold together the idea that Paul cares about seniors, as that was how it was billed on the ABC website while supporting 'Throw Granny under the bus' Paul Ryan and 'All disabled people are lazy' Rand Paul and 'Their wealth should be taken from and given to the Righteous' Ted Cruz at once, is mindboggling.

The Pauls won't even say the word Democrat, and Alex ALWAYS says the word with a SNEER. This is subliminal manipulation at its worst, where people don't recognize it while the demagogues wave the shiny in front of them. And facts do no good in these arguments, because it's talking to a cult. Don't you just love the 'facts' without links posts, LOL.

THIS endorsement from ACORN put a smile on my face, tears in my eyes and filled my heart with joy.

I trust this woman to know what a progressive is, as they were a huge factor in the progressive legislation of the seventies that it's likely some here know nothing about. Also they had skin in the game and were very serious.

I will not forget the rightwing's plot, their engineered destruction of ACORN by lies, as a major slap in the faces of the minorities and poor that were in desperate need of a voice in local, state and national politics. They were and are, damn good people, far better than the media gadflys and Bircher heros whose faux ideology is touted here daily.

The shrill opposition to Democrats and the outright dismissal, verging on denial of the rights of women and all minorities and the poor, disabled and otherwise discriminated against by the powerful and those who focus on money alone is becoming tiresome.

That is not progressive and they are not. This just keeps on going on here and it's a shame that we are wasting time arguing with them. I'm going to quote Bain's Bane again:

Dismissing the rights and concerns of people of color and women is reactionary. It is way more reactionary than Third Way. There is nothing progressive or liberal about it, and I don't consider people who do so to be leftists. Period.


Used to work with ACORN many, many years ago. Majority were AA's. Quiet, steady, effective, expert.

Also humble and open minded, working behind the scenes for their communities. They got out that vote and were the wind under the wings of progressives who made real change. Those were the ones who made history and are remembered, as the members of ACORN never put themselves forward, the reward for them was getting something DONE.

So by all means, they will be dissed here for their lack of self-promotion. They don't get the adoration of GAS and others who are not Democrats. I'd say it is surprising or even sad to see it, but I can no longer be stirred with the well-rehearsed, canned litany of complaints which show that repetition from Bircher sources is an effective tool for the right and clothed as something else. RF 2.0 at work!

There was NOTHING RUDE in his comments there. As always, he is very restrained and polite.

It comes from his being an educated man with a family history many on this site cannot begin to fathom the depths of, yet he continues to fight the good fight for his people.

He has said honestly AA's are his first concern but is definitely liberal, progressive, pragmatic and a Democrat. He is NOT a racist, either, but some have tried to claim he is. AA's must be concerned about their lives in this country. Those who dismiss their concerns are saying a lot about themselves.

Bain's Bane said, and I quote her again:

Dismissing the rights and concerns of people of color and women is reactionary. It is way more reactionary than Third Way. There is nothing progressive or liberal about it, and I don't consider people who do so to be leftists. Period.


She has posted extensively on Marxism, Leftism and reality. I agree with her assessment.

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