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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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+1. His whole administration has been like talking to children. Here he is with Netanyahu, IIRC:

That look on his face speaks volumes to me. Hatred and egotism are not a part of Obama.

He looks tired, sad and exasperated. It's as if saying:

'With all due respect, no, you can't take your brothers' toys just because you can.'

He has said before that we must move from the 'Might Makes Right' paradigm to 'Right Makes Might' where everyone will agree on solutions that treat everyone as equals to be right.

That's how peace will come, first to the heart of those who choose to accept it. Those who won't, will destroy themselves and what they thought they were saving, a great loss in some cases.

It's already happened:

Nicholas Katzenbach, Kennedy’s Civil-Rights Envoy, Dies at 90

In September 1962, Robert Kennedy dispatched Katzenbach to Oxford, Mississippi, to oversee the federal marshals protecting James Meredith, the black student who had won a court order to be admitted to the segregated University of Mississippi. As thousands of protesters gathered and the threat of violence rose, Katzenbach told Kennedy, from a pay phone, that soldiers would be needed to keep the peace.

After the arrival of 25,000 Army troops, Meredith managed to register. Katzenbach called him “a brave man who received perhaps the most expensive public education in our history.”


I can't find the link right now, but there was a running battle on the campus and some troops and a French journalist were shot and killed by the locals. Later, Katzenback was stonewalled by Wallace in Alabama and asked Kennedy to send in troops:

In 1963, the governor of Alabama was George Wallace. He had run for and won the office on the slogan of "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." In June of 1963, a federal court barred any state government interference with the enrollment of two black students, Vivian Malone and James Hood, at the University of Alabama. Despite this order, Governor George Wallace appointed himself the temporary University registrar and stood in the doorway of the administration building to prevent the students from registering. In response, President Kennedy federalized the Alabama National Guard. One hundred guardsman escorted the students to campus and their commander, General Henry Graham, ordered George Wallace to "step aside." Thus were the students registered.


Although that was to protect human life at the time, disobeying the EPA mandates to protect Alabama's health and safety is a dangerous precedent like the Bundies. We didn't see troops called out there even though the gunmen were pointing their guns at federal agents. The only difference is the stopping of blood being shed.

But it builds and it's wrong. Alabama like other states say they want to secede. Will we stand by and let the country be cut into easily ruled fiefdoms for the Koch brothers and the local oligarchs, and forget the rights enshrined in the Constitution and the Amendments?

The dissolution of our government will not protect those rights.

President Obama likes to play God sometimes, just in order to annoy Sarah Palin

Posted in response to Cheetos claiming impeachment talk is coming from the White House:


to babylonsister!

Sarah Palin: Not impeaching Barack Obama "affront to God", he "wants to play God"

Uploaded by PalinGrifter2012

Published on Jul 19, 2014

Sarah Palin said a lot of crazy things in her speech at the "Western Conservative Summit" at Colorado Christian University on July 19, 2014, but this is probably the craziest part. In other parts of the speech, she accused Obama to be a mobster and a murderer.

Please go to Patrick's article at the link below. It's got all of the dirt you forgot about Sarah:

Sarah Palin: Look, we know you are stupid and insane.

We know that you are a notorious rabble-rouser.

We know that you hate anyone who doesn't adore you.

We know that Democrats started to love you, because you have turned into their secret weapon.

There is a lot more we know about you...

We are now eagerly awaiting God's press release in this matter.


Report linked to the video:

'If he's not impeachable, no one is': Sarah Palin pounds Obama on immigration policy and compares him to a 'mob boss' who 'wants to play God'

Tuesday, Jul 29th 2014

* Former VP candidate blasts the president for 'dereliction of duty' in 'amnesty' plan
* 'There's only one remedy for a president who commits high crimes and misdemeanors, and it's impeachment'
* 'Gang-bangers and terrorists' are mixed in with children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, she said; 'We're offering to take care of them'
* 'We had a revolution in 1776 because we don't do kings,' she shouted, saying Obama has made himself 'a ruler, not a president'
* Palin spoke to the Western Conservative Summit in Denver

Sorry for the source, but they're no worse than Palin and you won't have to listen to her voice:


This is the BOG, a safe haven. So you know the drill. No, not drill, baby, drill!

Well, not *this* SCOTUS. They're making it up as they go along.

We don't need anyone carrying a torch for the racist, misogynist, theocratic Pauls.

The broken clocks won't cut it on a progressive board:


This is Democratic Underground, not The Daily Paul nor is it for Libertarian Republicans like Rand:


Violating the DU Terms of Service gets people banned:

Teabaggers, Neo-cons, Dittoheads, Paulites, Freepers, Birthers, and right-wingers in general are not welcome here. Neither are certain extreme-fringe left-wingers, including advocates of violent political/social change, hard-line communists, terrorist-apologists, America-haters, kooks, crackpots, LaRouchies, and the like.


Just the facts, nothing more.



informed, well-informed, aware, sophisticated, advanced, developed, liberal, open-minded, broad-minded, educated, knowledgeable, wise; civilized, refined, cultured, cultivated.

And that's who they need talking to them. The Israelis can handle the truth. They'll live.

Obama, Kerry, Reid and Rice are warning them the world has changed and they must adapt.

That's what a true friend does, not flatter and let someone destroy themselves. Which is what Israel is doing.

'Beautiful, human, and sad in some way, altogether' shows Kerry is the best man for this task. Thanks for that astute description.

Obama honors our nation by honoring them. He understands that peace comes from equality:

namaste interj.

literally, "I humbly bow to you"; also used as a greeting or acknowledgement of the equality of all, and pays honor to the sacredness of all.

Free the heart, free the world.

Love this woman!

Young hearts soar.

Future leaders.

Just went through a lot of that guy's writings at the last link. The dude is batshit crazy!

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