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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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Of course they love Putin. He's been a hero for Alex Jones, etc. for years. If anyone wants to see

the memes of Obama hatred on DU, check out Infowars' flick on youtube 'The Obama Deception.'

It's all there. If you can stomach it, go into his interviews with the John Birch Society, the annual USS Liberty anti-Israel hatefest, and so much more.

Listen to how he and his guests cannot bear to speak the words 'Obama, liberals' or 'Democrats' without dripping vitrol. This is one of the most successful Libertarian venue to attact those who label themselves as dissaffected lefties who were 'betrayed.'

Along with Beck, it is the root of the charges of 'false flag' laid on Obama from Aurora to Newtown to Boston to Syria. It's a tightly knit cult, but the conclusion is always the same, that those who have principles and value freedom don't support Obama or the Democrats.

Having worked with Klans members, and for those who don't believe they exist, yes, they do; also,

had the misfortunate experience that I lived among some of them as well, both KKK and Aryan skinheads. And their hate is not based solely on race, but anyone that opposes them for any of the things they do. Plainly speaking, they are thugs looking for any excuse to steal whatever they can get their hands on, from cattle, cars, land, people or government.

I now see them in my blue neighborhood with their new brand, which is Libertarian Republican, or Ron Paul (not all of them, but enough) their posters in their windows with Obama as an African witch doctor and their slick new 2nd Amendment Solution bumpers stickers on the back of the pickup trucks The NRA is out of style so they had to find a new cover grou, but it's SSDD.

The Klan was never just a Southern movement, so no one should feel safe or superior. The same malignant hatred of Obama that is irrational, since 2007 and 2008, has metastasized and is now more deadly.

I've spent my years of denial, thinking this kind of thing was 'buried in the ashbins of history,' but just because the names and memes change, at the base, it's all the same.

Anti-women, anti-gay, anti-minority, anti-union, anti-immigrant; a gun is the best solution for every social problem which revels in the cult of death; and fascist calls to deny voting rights or expressing other ideology, religion or economic ideas; these are the face of the new Klan.

That along with the Koch brothers who created the John Birch Society, the Libertarian and Tea Party political groups, whose ideas are the fodder for Jones, Becks and the rest, all bought and paid for corporatists.

They are shameless to call Obama and Democrats the same as themselves, but it is either through their lens that they see that, or they are just doing what Donald Segretti and Lee Atwater did. For them, any means justifies what they want in the end, their liberty and freedom to tread on the rights of others they have insulted and degraded forever.

Our denial enables the status quo, and those who hate the government also hate the people it helps. Our system of government is suffering from those who think they are too good to get involved, or else fighting to tear it down. They think that they are exempt from the results, but those who don't agree have already seen what the world looks like run by unbridled capitalism and religious zealotry.

Definitely. I watched those groups whine about affirmative action as it really got rolling in the

Carter years, extending rights to more people and while I found the diversity liberating, others didn't.

That increase meant more competition for those who said they were more qualified, and smarter, than the women and minorities entering their field of work. There was a period of whining over 'quotas, lowering standards,' and the implication was plain. Then came Reagan and his 'black welfare queen' routine and they became Reagan Democrats.

Reagan smashed unions, and they lost their rights along with others, and they were surprised. I could have said 'I told you so' but I'd been begging them to think beyond their aversion to sharing power in the workplace to the basis of the principles of unions, but they didn't listen. These were people who had benefited from the labor movement and the expansion of jobs and opportunities earned by all people. They were all progressive, liberal and for equality until they ceased to see themselves as part of a larger group of working people they had wanted to keep a leg up on.

It was so easy to divide them with slick corporate ego manipulation. The same folks went along our work being reduced, divided up and part of it given to lower paid minority firms or outsourcing, so long as they felt they were on top of things, doing the smart part of the work, thinking they would be better than blue collar.

I warned that this would lead to us all being unemployed. But they had come to feel that manual labor was for minorities, when before they felt pride and joy in a job well done with their hands. They thought they could still carve out a place on top in the new world they saw Reagan making.

Yes, there is a mentality, of which of the 'monkey' meme by a poster above (thank you, MIRT) shows, and those who dance around it, if they only thought for a minute, have it too but more nuanced. The reason it's hard to believe is that it's hidden in a place of fear of loss of status, being shoved down to a place they didn't want.

If a black POTUS truly can do a far better job than the whites who preceded them, what becomes of their position in society as WASP or whites, who are in reality, a minority in the world?

I find this to be the root of some so disinterested in basic human rights who now are complaining of liberties many millions of Americans never had. I received a retort wben I defended PBO's record on protecting the rights of women and minorities, by a poster who said he would not put up with his fourth amendment rights being violated just because the government doing so was for equal opportunity. I could have replied with:


But I've been dealing with the 'I'm a victim, too' mentality for years that crops up from ttime to time, and is endemic with libertarians, baggers, paulites. Countering their sense of 'I'm being oppressed by Obama' results in abuse. I see it as an identity crisis, a feeling of being left behind. It's a bad place to be.

The Tea Party, Libertarian and Paul brand are about creating a new identity, since the old one has been discredited. But it doesn't have to be that way. People can have self-respect not based on feeling superior. In fact, the superior person does not go for ego games.

And yavin, I didn't know you were black, I'm sorry you've had to put up with what's been going on here at DU. I've seen more than on post where you brought up your dissatisfaction, which you expressed well. You don't post much but I like your posts. There are many of all kinds at DU and when I see ignorant posts that do nothing but puff up the one doing the bashing, I ignore them. I agree with your take on this issue, as I have seen it play out before my eyes, for most of my life.

Where's the drama in that? Besides...

The Truth You Can't Handle the Truth

Uploaded on Jul 7, 2010

A multi media presentation from the Buddha's Face feauturing inspiring and timeless quotes from the Buddha against a back drop of appropriate movie clips...

Good night, BOG. Remember:

And guess who's shittin' kittens over it?

I saw 2 minutes* of Fox News / Hannity tonight and they are shittin' kittens over...

the chance of a diplomatic conclusion for the Syrian problem. Ann Coulter was talking about the lack of response to Iraq's use of chemical weapons...

From Botany's thread:


All of the haters are so stunned, they're tripping over their faux pas**...

**That's a pun, folks!

Doesn't the NRA support the RK&BA for most criminals? 'If guns are outlawed, we'll all be outlaws.'

AFAIK, that's their updated motto for this century.

Besides, guns are people, too! Don't hate!

Former NRA President Equates Gun Laws With Racism


You cannot make this stuff up...

Yes, PBO picked a winner with Warren! Proud AFL-CIO member here!

The GOP thought they had won by rejecting her and loosed the whirlwind on themselves! Go Elizabeth!

K & R!

I posted something to that effect a little while ago here at the BOG. It's logical to me.

Outrageous, brilliant and effective. It has to do with not being an egotist. I've been in negotiations and one takes the role of the bad guy to unite those who would fight and get nothing good done.

It's a lesson being taught, to get people to realize what is really important. It does not hurt the 'bad guy' if he's not doing it for himself, which PBO has not been doing. It causes people to reveal themselves to themselves and others.

And the work gets done. Those who are 'stuck in the schoolyard' and trying to win and make someone else lose, never get what is happening. But all win and come out happy in the end.

As Lao Tze says:

Those who know do not tell; those who tell do not know.

Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.

Wise men don't need to prove their point. Men who need to prove their point aren't wise.

If you overesteem great men, people become powerless.

And this in particular:

A leader is best when people barely know that he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worst when they despise him. Fail to honor people, They fail to honor you. But of a good leader, who talks little, when his work is done, his aims fulfilled, they will all say, "We did this ourselves."

I've seen a lot of abuse heaped on Obama. He would offer those who were against him, what they seemed to want as a peace offering, so they could not complain later in a just manner.

Then his 'own' side turned on him viciously, inciting so much hatred that the 'other' side heard them.

Then both sides joined to oppose that which he did not want to begin with, made him the bad guy. And the bad thing did not happen because people of both sides found common ground.

And both sides claimed victory, over him and the evil idea. Then they said,

"We did this ourselves."

Yes, they did it themselves from both sides, seeing what it was. He laid it out for them to choose. He didn't, like the wise man, need to prove his point or win their praise.

The goal is to make life better for all, not a victory for only half of the people. This is what justice, compassion and equality require for peace.

I thought a forceful show toward Assad would cause him to give in to his allies. Russia has done a great job ridding itself of its WMD as a member state of the CWC and Iran lost 100,000 people with 300,000 hurt by CW. Both of these are modern states, like them or not, and their people are paying attention.

Assad should be able to fsurvive without using any more CW or face regime change. Maybe he will flee to live amongst his major allies, this has happened before. Many knew his methods were horrendous without using CW, but they let him get a pass until Obama put his foot down.

No one, except lunatics such as Romney and McCain, wanted a war there with the use of nuclear weapons to fulfill Doomsday fantasies. It is worth the fight to stop this happeninng with the work of diplomacy.

Since ending the use of WMD is the intent of all of this, is it not?

He wanted boots on the ground in Iraq for a million years, so he's ticked about not getting it.

Wonder if 'Bomb Iran' and 'A Million Years in Iraq' McInsane has aviation stock...

Keep those boots off the ground, just bomb them to smithereens. Wonder if he developed an airplane fetish some time in his life. And what the hell was this about, anyway:

McCain using ‘bomb bomb Iran’ song at events.


McCain Flip Flops Again: 100 Years In Iraq ‘Would Be Fine With Me,’ Even ‘A Million Years’


There's a collection of pictures of McCain with his tongue sticking out. What does it mean?


Only explanation I've read is that it's a 'reptilian' thing and that's almost as crazy as McCain is. Must we continue to bear with him?

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