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Having dealt with traumatized kids, this is normal. But nothing will ever be normal for them again.

There comes a time when the resonance of violence never leaves a person. In some cases, the mind breaks completely.

Yet the NRA insisted on going against the parents, and the Joneses, Becks, Teabaggers, Paulites and Libertarians came and still come to every venue to tell them they're lying and they are frauds, fascists, communists and killers for asking for some forbearance and decency.

They insist their rights trump the torment of children and revel in the weapons of death and say they will kill. In other words, I'm too angry and have seen way too much to speak about this in the logical and well-reasoned way that I should.

+1 and good luck with the family's health. This GOP says, we'll fund 99% but not Obamacare.

Which has already been debated, voted on, passed in spite of death threats, signed into law, ruled Consitutional and also settled as doing the will of the people in the 2012 elections.

The GOP has no right to hold all of us hostage for the 'crime' of daring to want our government to do the right thing and save lives. This is just another of their attacks on the poor. They are the death panel, the cullers of the herd, the face of fascism. They want us to have no recourse but to beg them and their bosses for all of the necessities of life, on their terms.

People need to remember in November of 2014 and 2016 the low esteem in which they hold our lives and futures. Here are a few links to what we're dealing with here, and why, although I won't get ACA coverage and have neither private or free insurance, I support it because these people are going to kill us off and I want you to have coverage.

There are several threads:






As far as a certain thread titled 'Obama should take the deal' or something, I didn't click on it, if that is what you are referrring to in this thread. Because the GOP is playing a game, it's not just about Obamacare and there is no negotiating with them.

If Obama did 'take the deal' that would hurt tens of millions, he'd be called spjneless and caving, most likely. But he never was, and he isn't now.

I can't fathom why DUers would want to leave tens of millions without insurance of any kind, when the GOP is offering no alternatives in return. And from their track record, they woud just as soon we died off..

As far as UHC, Obamacare is the first step. For some this is exactly the same as UHC. They will be covered on on Medicaid without any sort of payment. These are the poorest amongst us, isn't that who we care about here?

This shut down isn't just about the ACA, it's about destroying democratic governance. They want to negate our votes, they want to subjugate us to unelected rulers. it's a coup in slow motion.

No matter what happens, on Tuesday your family gets the chance that so many others have now. Best wishes to you.

Sharpton Slams GOP Rep. Likening Obamacare Fight to Civil Rights: ‘You’re Not Sacrificing Yourself!’

By Josh Feldman - September 27th, 2013

Al Sharpton has had a few Republican legislators on his show to debate Obamacare, but this may have been the first time a guest attempted to make the civil rights argument to Sharpton. Alabama congressman Mo Brooks defended the Obamacare battle going on in Congress, comparing Republicans to civil rights leaders, but that just set Sharpton off, asking him exactly what the GOP is sacrificing in this grand battle.

Brooks’ contention over the possibility of a government shutdown was that Republicans are more than happy to fund 99 percent of the government, it’s just the one percent that they want to debate. Sharpton sighed and said it was already debated, and Congress passed it, Obama signed it, the Supreme Court upheld it, and the Republican presidential candidate who ran on a platform to repeal it lost.

Brooks told Sharpton that he, as a civil rights leader, should know “sometimes the Supreme Court makes a mistake,” saying it was good for Martin Luther King, Jr. to “persist in the face of having lost in the past.” The analogy did not sit well with Sharpton.

“To equate those that would stand up and fight for civil rights, who would submit to going to jail and who would submit to things happening to them to raise their point–You’re not sacrificing yourself! You’ll get your check! And your colleagues will get their check! You’re sacrificing others! That is not civil rights, that is not even civil, congressman!”

More, and a video at the link:


Look at that smiling psychopathic Mo Brooks! I don't know how Sharpton can stand seeing and listening to him make a mockery of MLK and everything else!

Got the same color eyes as me here:

The joys of motherhood. Thanks for the great collection.

That is exactly what I think of their behavior. Yuiyoshida posted an image on another good thread:

Check the thread out if you haven't already:


See you later.

That's the perfect image, even better than the Nero fiddling while Rome burns the ancient meme.


Pure wisdom from Angus. Plus this:

He also took a swipe at the GOP’s demands for raising the debt ceiling, saying they’re asking for everything short of a “statue of Ayn Rand.”

Who is their spiritual leader, no doubt about it. And the baggers talk about death panels and culling the herd. Sorry, you just put the guys in charge who are doing that now. And what goes around, comes around.

Plus a million. Say it loud: Bah-rock Hoo-sane Oh-bah-ma! They'll flip out.

They *demanded* to be called teabaggers on some online forums in 2010. DEMANDED.

In the interest of getting along, I have agreed. So they will always be baggers to me. The latest new brand they're selling, is called The Conservative Party©:

That's Cruz, Lee and another meathead. who say they are going to spearhead a new GOP political wing. But they're still baggers.

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

~ Kurt Vonnegut

Excellent add. What might have been.

And what should have been.

There is a reason America is in trouble. Let's get to the root causes of this. It won't be a pleasant process, but the pain cannot be escaped.

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