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The bigger winner are the 98% of the world who want the CWC followed. And in a small way, Syrians.

The ground war will not end at once; but Assad will not get to use the 'poor man's nuke' on his people again.

Obama kept his eye on the prize, saving lives, not the cheap political win. Compassion and long term goals won out this time but troubles in Syria and other hot spots demand more change.

Thanks Obama.

That photo reminds me of this video. Who says it can't happen here?


When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.

~ Sinclair Lewis

'Patriots' with their 'Constitutional' memes are dishonest. They have rejected the words 'All Men Are Created Equal.' The laws they support to oppress so many prove it. They are not for the USA, but the CSA.

IDK what convo you are talking about. Also, the OP author is not the blog author. It is not spam.

And due to the way you formatted your reply, perhaps because of the device used, I cannot make heads or tails of who said what.

And you are still making the assumption that the OP author is the blog author. Deaniac is not here on DU.

I've gone over there to research this. The 'cash trap' accusation is in error, no matter how many times it is repeated.

I wonder why it is being brought upm instead of discussing the topic. It seems that posters are running away from the questions raised in the blog article.

It is the ideas in the blog that interest me, and the topic of the OP, not the personas. You responded to my answer to a poster who said they did not know who that was, and I answered with what I found on the blog itself. I spent a while, thinking about the ideas, going to all the embedded links and following those out.

Several serious charges have been made about the OP writer and blog writer, who are not the same person. One, that it is spam and being posted for money; two, that the blog author is a bigot, that is, a homophobe, when he is gay; and if you go to the link, there are comments where the blog author explains he had a change of heart over anger from Prop 8 passing in CA. I'm unsure if that is what you are referring as changed.

The blog author and the OP author have distinct writing styles. They are not the same person and the blog author lives in CA, not MI. Even if they were the same, and I have written and they are not, will we be calling Thom Hartmann and Alan Grayson spammers now for posting?

I will add an additional point, that the OP writer knows better than to post more than four paragraphs. The blog writer would post all of his material, if he needed the views. He was at Kos for a long time until he decided to start his own blog.

I contend it is the ideas at the link that is found objectionable, not these other things. No one has spoken seriously to them it has just been dismissed out of hand. He's not a RWer but is a pragmatic Democrat, just as Howard Dean was and still is. Dean has made statements as of late that might not be considered Left enough. But he is a pragmatist.

The blog expresses what DU used to be about, helping people through the Democratic Party and good governance.

The link in the article of the OP leads to many links he did not write and are not garbage. His conclusions are his own, and I agree with many, some I don't. They are all good food for thought.

We must get to the end result of actions, back to taking care of people and not be so much about ideology or winning as to disregard real people.

I have had to deal IRL with people on the Left and Right who were so focused on their win, or their ideology, that real people died. They felt they were correct and did not see the human beings that suffered from their rigid postitions. I cannot support this and I feel this is part of what the blog author means. Like the words here:

Easy To Be Hard

by Three Dog Night

How can people be so heartless
How can people be so cruel
Easy to be hard, easy to be cold

How can people have no feelings
How can they ignore their friends
Easy to be proud, easy to say no

Especially people who care about strangers
Who care about evil and social injustice
Do you only care about bleeding crowd...

I think Deaniac is much like Howard Dean. And Barney Frank said:

Understand that the more deeply you hold your ideals, the more you are morally obligated to be pragmatic... Idealism without pragmatism is just a way to flatter your ego.

When I was very young, that word pragmatism seemed like a cop-out. And when I first read that statement, it was mildly offensive to me again.

Then I thought of what I'd seen and how the 'idealism' of some cost lives of those who they thought were worth the sacrifice for their utopian vision. I can't do that.

That is what the OP's link is about, compassion. It speaks of the millions who have been helped, instead of a perfect plan according to ideology. And what Obama did for women and others, that are real people.

No one seems to want to talk about ideas here now, just taking sides, making accusations and not talking about IRL solutions. It makes DU unproductive and is not why I joined DU or why I became a Democrat.

Peace Out.

And I think they'd support both in spirit. Both Stalin and Hitler, despite their exterior garb, did

many of the same things, if authoritarianism and control of people the goal, not ideology.

It is my own little wacked out idea, that religion and ideology are covers for something else.

We have learned that the fascist loving Koch family also worked with Stalin. Grandpa supported Mussolini openly. The GOP's Bush dynasty included Prescott, part of the 'business coup' to remove Roosevelt from office, detailed by Butler in the Congressional Record.

In my mind, look at the results. There is a lot of confusion. Nazis called themselves National Socialists. It didn't have the same meaning as today.

Mussolini was a fascist who believed in the merger of corporate and state power which he justified with religious overtones. Identical to today's GOP.

Stalin and Hiler, while claiming to be populists, used the private sector who got rich from their contracts. Those firms that worked with Hitler endured, he didn't.

Stalin was a communist, but wasn't above playing footsie with capitalists to further his aims. Putin is no communist, socialist or fascist in classic terms.

And I dare say, not even an authoritarian. He's a wheeler-dealer.

If the GOP was operating in another country, they might go either way, so long as their masters got their money and the people fell for it. Okay, I have an evil mind.

Here you go:

The People's View is primarily a political blog, published by Spandan Chakrabarti (that would be me). I have been participating in online and offline liberal activism since 2003, when Gov. Howard Dean ran for president. I am a proud liberal and proud American who believes in pragmatic solutions.

The word "view" in the name of this site is not meant to define "opinion." For any blog or blogger to claim to represent "the people's" opinion would be foolish. The word view here is view as in a "bird's eye view" - in other words, perspective. Our goal is to analyze issues with the primary perspective of how totalities policies affect ordinary people, and what it means from that view, or perspective.

This blog is devoted to examining issues from a liberal perspective, on factual bases and on fair analysis. This site is also deeply zealous about liberal Democratic activism. At The People's View, we are committed to giving readers as much additional resources (mostly via links) as possible to educate as well as activate. The People's View is also a public policy blog for reasoned debate and discussion. At the moment, it is primarily covering issues of economic policy, health policy and civil rights issues. However, other issues of local, state or national interest will also be addressed. I am based in Silicon Valley, California; so Bay Area and California state issues may sometimes be of interest.

With respect to other areas of interest, one of the strategies we will pursue is asking guest bloggers with expertise and interest to blog here. You can see a list of current contributors to this blog on the right column, under the heading "contributors." If you are someone who would like to contribute, please choose a following method of contact:

Send an email to:


The archives of the site dispells the charges that The People's View is a homophobic or hate website:

Support Marriage Equality: Exposing the Bullshit of iProtectmarriage.com

...One, the most insidious of their lies: that homosexuality is a choice, that people can change it and as such the prohibition against same sex marriage should not be seen as akin to the prohibition against interracial marriage. The first counter on this is that this is a flat out lie.

I am gay, and I can tell you emphatically that it is as engrained in me as my race (Asian Indian), my gender (male) and my number of toes (10)...


Other same sex issues at this link there:


Many bought into the assumption something is wrong with this blog or the author, that posting from it is wrong, without checking the blog out.

I understand this motive. Just like I take the word of the SPLC, who I have been familiar with for many years. They have lot of hate blogs, groups and leaders:



No one wants to be associated with anyone against the equal rights here at the DU.

And I make no apologies for attacking groups that do not support full rights in every regard, such as the Pauls, Tea Party or the Libertarians or GOP who seek to restrict who is a citizen or deserves full rights, knowing that I and those I care about are in their crosshairs.

I hope that answers your question and I feel strong opinions such as this man's are needed and required for full debate. We're here to discuss as Skinner says.

The TOS is clear that the mission of DU is to work within the system to elect more Democrats to office as a good thing.

Supporting Democrats in office, running for office, and the Democratic Party is to be expected at a site named Democratic Underground.

The owner of the blog does that, even if some think his language and tone is rough. See you later.

'Watching wingnutz side with the crooked politician and former KBG agent...' Not inconsistent...

When you consider the Koch family ties to Stalin and Mussolini and their desire to do the same to the USA.

The brothers came out in the open with Walker in Wisconsin, and made a star appearance at the 2012 GOP convention.

They showed their intent in full in Detroit with the slag pile there. They have threatened Obama since 2010 over the Keystone pipeline. These guys are not playing and they have the money and a long term strategy.

They all are the same authoritarian gang in different suits. Brothers in blood. Just sayin'

Along with the DVDs sent out by a RW firm; and the ones that funded the film just before Benghazi...

And then there's this newest tidbit:

"Meet The PR Firm That Helped Vladimir Putin Troll The Entire Country"

...Using filings from the Justice Department, the non-profit ProPublica detailed last November how Ketchum helped place op-eds by "seemingly independent professionals" that praised Russia in outlets like CNBC and the Huffington Post, among others, without proper disclosure.

It is not unusual for a PR firm to work with a government. But Ketchum has been the subject of controversy not only in its work with Russia, but also with the U.S. government.

Ketchum was involved in high-profile controversies in 2004 and 2005. In both cases, the Government Accountability Office determined that Ketchum engaged in "covert propaganda" for the U.S. government.

In 2004, Ketchum produced prepackaged news stories featuring actors posing as journalists that touted Medicare changes under Bush’s prescription drug benefit program, without disclosing government as the source. And in 2005, Ketchum again produced prepackaged news stories around the No Child Left Behind Act.

There's more:


Courtesy of Cha:


That was her reply to Tarheel Dem here:

I heard a fascinating report on NPR about the Russian PR firm that placed the op-ed. Quite interesting. I think they're based in DC. Essentially, they're Freedom Works, except they work for the Russians. Astroturfing anyone?


All out of Cha's thread here in the BOG, which should be K&R'd. It has a lot of links:

Republicans Unite Behind Putin the Dictator In Order to Diss Obama


Bet they have a fine oil barrel BBQ smoker nearby with a keg of beer, just off camera there...

I can't help it that I once lived in a place like that. I would have to amend the mention of the beer keg, though. Since it was a dry county.

Had to cross the line into another county to get a case of beer or hard stuff. No kidding. Wasn't any problem for anyone I knew living there. But hardly anyone lived there.

The ratio of cattle to humans was about a hundred to one, cattle ahead of people. Cows make fine neighbors.

Wowsers! Please tag this onto a Putin love fest thread somewhere, LOL

Turnip turned beet red because:

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