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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 07:24 PM
Number of posts: 8,868

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Kentucky 2022

Wouldn't it be lovely if Andy Beshear could take out Rand Paul next year???

Rand needs to go away.

OK - So I Gotta Ask

Did Princess Sparkle Pony attend?

Or did she show one second of class and stay away?

Early Georgia Results

Edit to add: Per MSNBC

7-8% counted

Both Ossoff and Warnock up approx. 60-40.

Let's hope this holds for the other 93%!
Posted by leftieNanner | Tue Jan 5, 2021, 07:33 PM (2 replies)

SNL isn't funny tonight

Sad. We could have used a good one.

My Kingdom for a Sharpie!

I was sorely tempted this evening. I had to pick up some groceries and there was a giant pick up truck in the parking lot. Camo fenders, NRA stickers, gun warnings, AND a huge Trump Pence 2020 sign on the back.

If I had a fat sharpie in my purse, it would have given me great pleasure to write LOSER across that sign.

To be honest, I probably wouldn't have done it - sharpie or no - because the dude would probably have come out of the store and caught me. I didn't want to find out if he really did have a gun!

Oh well, I got to say LOSER out loud to his sign as I left.
Posted by leftieNanner | Sun Dec 6, 2020, 07:40 PM (2 replies)

Mozart Requiem

My Chorale group sang this earlier this year. It was a magical experience.

Here's the video of the performance.

I'm in the second row from the top on the left side (sopranos).

Choral singing is one of the things I miss most about staying home.

OK. So I'm a terrible person

But I think Kayleigh MacaWhoositz looks like one of those porn dolls.

Especially in the picture in this article from Raw Story.


I told you that I'm terrible. It's a completely sexist thing to say.

But she does.


As we have been waiting for someone to call the election for Biden,

The US surpassed 10 Million cases of the Coronavirus.

128,000 new cases today

Over 1,200 Deaths. 242,184 overall.

According to Worldometers

We have passed the 200,000 mark for Covid deaths.

A Question for DU Legal Eagles re: DOJ taking over Defamation Case

Can the judge in the case not agree to allow the change?
Posted by leftieNanner | Wed Sep 9, 2020, 03:26 PM (4 replies)
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