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Member since: Thu Feb 17, 2011, 11:43 AM
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Quit trying to "Corn Troll" the situation.

HFCS has been added as a filler ingredient (as well as corn meal) an almost everything at the grocery store now. I think that fact coupled with a computer laden sedentary lifestyle has boosted obesity numbers. Also most corn is GMO now. I try to avoid it. Cane sugar actually tastes better too.

Cintra also owns

the Toll roads in Texas, which are failing to meet their estimated income (yet more of them continue to be built). I refuse to ever drive on one.

I always think of WSB as

but I'll write the station also.

I'm seeing a pattern

of jokes that are not really funny (and that aren't aren't actually jokes). You can tell in almost every instance that Romney is used to be surrounded by sycophants who desperately attempt to follow every weak lead that he provides. He is the opposite of the personality that should be running a large company, much less in charge of a nation.

I overheard a phone conversation

between a two soldiers the other day, in the parking lot of a small gym where my child has Tae Kwon Do lessons. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop (in fact I had moved away from him to give him some personal space), but he was talking rather loud on his phone. He was talking about being in the service for 12 years now and how the VA hospital folks had cancelled 14 appointments in row that he had made, without any real reason. He said no one cares when you return from deployment, no support. "All I have to show for it is getting shot twice, and being almost blind in one eye due to a IED." He then spoke of another friend of his who had survived an explosion, but when he was operated on, the military surgeons 'messed up' and now his friend is unable to walk for the rest of his life.

I wanted to say something to him, but I knew it wasn't the right time (or any of my business) He was angry and sad. After hearing him talk, so was I.

The minute I heard the news of this attack

I immediately thought of Cheney (who suddenly appeared just the other day) and Rove.

What I also find curious is how the Embassy's security was penetrated right at the anniversary of 9/11. Wouldn't it be Standard Operating Procedure to beef up security at US Embassies around this date, especially in volatile regions?

I need to find more info about what actually transpired there. Is that info out there yet?

Perry is such a tool

He needs to be audited, and most probably needs to be sued. He keeps using the State's coffers for his personal expenses (10K plus - per month for his living quarters & almost 2 million for his security during his failed Presidential campaign), and continues to cut essential services for Texans. The jerks will not be satisfied until they've "privatized" and looted everything we take for granted.
Coming soon to your "state parks": Fracking, Drilling, luxury hotels, carnival midways, gas stations, and fast food chains.

I've been unemployed for 7 years

I apply for jobs whenever possible, and usually don't even get a reply of any kind. I worked for one company for 19 years and rose through the ranks from the sales floor to Human Resources at a corporate office. I left on good terms to care for our first baby for about a year. Applied for my old job at that point, was interviewed by the people that I had trained and was turned down. I have applied for multiple jobs at this same company and usually do not even get a call back (despite having worked there for 19 years).
I am not on the record as being unemployed, which I believe is probably more like 20%.

I'm not sure I understand where you draw the line

between Obama Hating and questioning his motives and actions, as well as how he has misrepresented himself to those of us who have voted for him. I guess I never got the meme that Huff Post = bad. Sorry about that. You are apparently familiar with the list of top Obama disappointments, though. And you do seem to agree with some of it, just as I do, but somehow you've placed yourself in a different class than me. Curious, that. Maybe you can let me know which subjects are approved for our mutual criticism of the President of the United States and which ones are not approved, and would automatically make me a Obama-Basher (or is it hater?). I guess I'm getting confused again. Anyways, yeah, just let me know. Because I sure don't don't want to step on any toes.

Oh, concerning the primaries, he's seems to be the ahead.

oK.... as far as those points you made,

they're good, but we still don't have a candidate progressive ENOUGH to undo the massive shitstorm of a knotted mess that the Bush/Cheney folks left us with. That flurry of terrible legislation has set our country back 50 years (except for the tax rate for the wealthy), and we really needed someone to start unknotting it or cutting the knot at least. I don't see that happening. With both the Dems and Repugs on the side of MONEY, we aren't going to see any Progress until MONEY is no longer part of the equation. Many of us Dems don't see much of a choice, except between getting the thumbscrews, or a hot poker in the eyeball. Not much of a choice. And when a man no longer has a choice, he ceases to be a man.
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