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My question remains ......

WHO is behind the decades long movement to put Trump in office and create this nightmare?

Sorry, I don't think it's Putin, or necessarily Russia or the KGB.

Rumblings of the themes behind his actions have been heard for decades. Inequality between American per capita income, for example, and Russian and Third World incomes. America exporting pollution and not absorbing the pollution they create as another example. And as early as 1972, articles in political journals suggesting that the Soviet Union and America would ultimately to some extent merge their political systems, we becoming more like them, they adopting our methods.

And post-Election 2000, when Bush v. Gore was looming, I heard a radio clip of a European politician crowing the uncertainty. "So much for your vaunted American democracy!" or something close to that.

Every power that ever existed in the world wants to regain power. Donald Trump did not plan this. He's an opportunist at best, lurching to the front of what is essentially an ultra-Libertarian bus. But DJT had no expectation that he could run and win. Now if you go back to the years of Sarah Palin seeing Russia from her house, the lens becomes a little clearer.

I have no answers for the questions posed here. Just perplexity and suspicion.
Posted by bucolic_frolic | Tue Jul 2, 2019, 07:48 AM (1 replies)
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