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Profile Information

Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 39,961

About Me

Love to cook, Code, Build Computers, Tae Kwon Do, write, observe local fauna (sometimes at peril) and argue about interesting topics. Typical Sagittarius.

Journal Archives

All politics start local

Get involved.

Just stay involved because you want to and enjoy it - running, community garden projects and being kind to elderly or disabled neighbors.

It isn't the death of things that it looks like we have some bad choices top-ticket, we need to rally for down ticket folks that truly make a difference!

We are made of stronger stuff on the local level, and that is where we have to start.

Vaping. It's a legitimate cessation, with many people praying it works for them.

Recently, I've heard a few voices that continue to say there is no health benefit to vaping vs. smoking emphysema sticks.

That it is far more irresponsible than inquiring who benefits from e-cigs being outlawed, and who benefits from "Holy Shit, I can breathe and run again" while using them as a cessation aid.

I find it difficult to believe that everybody that quit wanted a lifetime of vaping instead, but so what if they did?

Please discuss this idea that quitting via vaping is harmful. Discuss it with family members that vaping is the obvious smoking's effects on friends, family, neighbors and coworkers that don't hear you hack, can join them to work out, and God forbid, aren't supporting an industry that told us lies while getting us hooked on a device that is little better than slow suicide.

You are playing right into the hands of the tobacco and smoking industry that you see as so vile.

I wish on all that is holy and sound

that we can quit bickering. Get along.

Is that such a difficult thing to request?

I'm not ordering an extravagant pizza, I'm just looking for some civility.

For your examination

She is fantastic and sweet

right up until ...

She stops being sweet.


I've had two hides.

I would prefer them to be for valid reasons.

I logged in to see the state of the primaries.

50% people backing Hillary.

50% people backing Sanders.

Yet the vitriol is of the charts.

I'm not going to tell anybody to come together - I think Hillary Clinton endangered national security, and that will be the final cut.

I do like the people that I have gotten to know on DU, though. Let's not end up strangers because we were on a different side of the coin.

I'm late to the party, but Original Mass Effect with insane texture and lighting

is just the cup of tea I wish to drink.

There is a mod that has been around apparently that I was not aware of, but damn, it is pretty great.


You can get it there. I loved that game from the second I played it, and I still think it is a benchmark for quality gaming experiences.

Crank up the textures. If you have a headed south setup like I have (GTX 460's in SLI that are the poster child of needing to be upgraded and have had themselves squeezed of every bit of overclocking that could possibly be done ...)you can still have fun with it. Even my lame set up can do DSR to emulate 1440p just bearably(4k shit the bed and required a reboot) to smooth out the jaggies.

Can everybody tell that I am going to drop dead if I don't get a new video card yet?

It has been Computex hype damn central but nobody has any cards of any sort except leaks, reviewers and people impersonating GTX 1080 owners (because who is going to admit that they spent an additional 100 bucks for a reference card with shitty cooling?) and a gaggle of VR crap that nobody in their right mind wants to adopt right now.

Anyway, I'm chilling playing old ass Mass Effect with massive textures, simulated 4K resolution on my ancient video setup, and life isn't so bad.

Please read the instructions. You have to have a valid Mass Effect install where you at least did configuration once. Set your card to do VSR/DSR then in the menu of display properties in the game you will see the option to run at 4K.

Please don't expect this to be playable without a tad of tweaking on non-enthusiast level graphics power, but if you are up for a good time with an oldie but goodie (and actually, many oldie but goodies) title, it's kind of great.
It looks great.

Which is pretty much

the conclusion that everybody that is familiar with the "arms deals that coincide with donations to the Clinton Foundation", "Bill's speeches during her time as SoS that were paid by folks in countries with interests during her term for favorable outcomes", and "KSA, a country with oppressive views towards women donated $30M and got a celebrated amount of F-15 jets in use against Yemen at present" came to when they realized what it all added up to.

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