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Profile Information

Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 39,961

About Me

Love to cook, Code, Build Computers, Tae Kwon Do, write, observe local fauna (sometimes at peril) and argue about interesting topics. Typical Sagittarius.

Journal Archives

I've been there

I had to do the same thing because I was an Exchange Administrator and had to open the mailbox of an employee for the Human Resources director. I don't ever want to see such shit again.

See, this is what tees me off

"We could do better" as though Hillary Clinton is the scum on the pond. The lady is fierce, she is eloquent, and has credentials coming out of her ears, yet some folks in the Democratic party want to make those negative traits.

What in the hell is wrong with being a credentialed, well-spoken, passionate President?
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