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Profile Information

Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 39,961

About Me

Love to cook, Code, Build Computers, Tae Kwon Do, write, observe local fauna (sometimes at peril) and argue about interesting topics. Typical Sagittarius.

Journal Archives

I got really disgusted by that rape post.

Here's a little story:

Yes, women can be raped by other women.

my post:

"Yep, sure can. A 5'3" 100 lbs. woman that drank a bit and found herself fondled and penetrated by a 5'10 160 lbs. female soccer player found that out. You can get grabbed and /// then you are supposed to let it go because you drank a beer after you and your coworker and her wife went home, but coworker crashed out.

Her wife, however, wasn't finished with the night."

To put in context, here is my post in the bigger picture of the thread.


Woo hoo, I actually have some seedlings sprouting

Forgive me for being excited about seeing actual green things poke through the soil, but I have been far from successful at growing plants. I wanted to do it, though, and now I have 28 out of 36 different plants (4 Cucumbers and 24, half beefsteak, half brandywine tomatoes) sprouting! My tabasco peppers haven't peeked through yet, but they take a bit longer.

Who would have thought a brown thumb like me could get something to actually sprout? I'll be ecstatic if I can set them out and get them to actually GROW and bear fruit!

This isn't exactly a natural disaster

but I got bitten by a raccoon a few months ago. I get freaked out when I have to go outside at night. I know it sounds stupid, but I had a full blown panic attack.

I know people like to make fun, but they don't realize how horribly this incident has affected me. It left me with $18,000 in medical bills, and I get scared when I need to go outside at night because something might dart up on me.

How do I make the panic attacks go away?

Sometimes, it is the minor things that you do for other people that mean so much.

My dad went to some auction and got a white baseball cap with a huge red crawfish on it. He gave it to me. It fits like a glove, and I love it.

It was a freebie, but it was so neat that he thought of me to hand it over.

Remember, the smallest gestures you do for those you love, often mean the most!

Reaper of Souls releases some time tonight

Anybody even care anymore about Diablo 3?

EDIT POST: I care, now, and it is more fun than it was at the beginning!!!

Interesting observations on religion

Here is something that I experienced, personally.

I was putting gas in my car, and this big bus drove up and parked away from the gas station. About 30 women with hair that looked like it needed to be treated by something other than Suave in ankle length skirts got out.

The man, in a short sleeved shirt with a grey bow tie went into the gas station. I'm still pumping gas. The women, all stood there. A few had hats, but all looked about as grim as a human being can be without being a cadaver. One of them made a semblance of a smile at the flowers growing on the roadside and I swear, was visibly hushed for a positive emotion.

I put the gas nozzle back in its compartment, paid for the gas and started the car. I looked at those women, one more time, and while I'm not religious, I prayed that they would find a better life than what they were having. It was sad.

I thought I should mention that this happened in 2012. Just so you have a reference point.

* * *

Mind you, I am searching my soul, and I think the Episcopal faith might be my answer, but I have been ridiculously damaged by Southern Baptist and Evangelical religion to the point where I might not even be salvageable. Catholicism is liberal compared to what has been drilled into me, and I won't even go into how being gay has been instrumental in driving me from ANY church.

How do you go back to religion when it seems faith has turned on you?

It occurred to me - Laws that govern sexuality, drugs and morality

If the AFA and other right wing outlets were able to outlaw abortion and contraceptives, that would quickly become a cottage industry for black market drugs that work just the same.

"We don't need no stinking government" really means "Let's pass laws that restrict necessary aspects of life so we can launch a way to make money."

Once that epiphany occurred, I pretty much realized that laws geared at curtailing social behavior didn't have anything to do with preventing social behavior - they were all about profit. Then I realize, religion. Duh.

Cup method to grow loose lettuce within 40-50 days? Black Seeded Simpson


I have Black Seeded Simpson and instead of growing it in the garden, it might just be easier to grow it this way. I already grow alfalfa sprouts because I like to have crunchy greens available. Would this be kind of a similar method of growing lettuce? Obviously lettuce takes longer because it is more developed, but I could probably figure out a way to keep a half dozen cups inside year round if they produce well.


I got some of the peat cups and started my plants!

I have started the following - Heirloom Tabasco Peppers, Beefsteak Tomatoes and Brandywine Tomatoes.

I'm probably going to mother hen them to death, but I'd REALLY like for them to be successful. Right now they are inside in the little compartments. I also have lettuce to put out, too.

Affordable Health Care - Just Stop.

Can people that live in countries where they have actually never had to worry for a second in their lives about getting health care treatment stop lecturing people that live in US?

I'm serious. I see people from Canada and Australia lecturing people about how good the ACA is when they themselves will never have the problem of being homeless, bankrupt or dead because they can't afford health care.

That shit happens in the US. 40,000 people die per year due to lack of health care. If you live in a country that has either single payer or you have universal health care, don't comment on the American health care system. We get repeatedly screwed by it, and support for Obama does not equal deriding and screaming to high heaven about the fucked up system we live under.

You can support Obama and live in another country. You can criticize the American health care system vociferously if you live under it while still supporting the president. But you can't live under another, far more humane system than we do and tell us how much we should love the bullshit we put up with just because you support Obama.
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