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Profile Information

Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 39,961

About Me

Love to cook, Code, Build Computers, Tae Kwon Do, write, observe local fauna (sometimes at peril) and argue about interesting topics. Typical Sagittarius.

Journal Archives

April Fool's Day is Wednesday

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your hoaxes, jokes and hilarity.

I have more than a few in my arsenal. I'm still trying to make sure my Mother always has a losing hand at Solitaire, haven't gotten the code just right. I will be filling a car or two full of balloons.

What's your best April Fool's prank?

If you want to offer ideas, I'm open - nothing that could induce harm - it could be a day worth remembering. My family, coworkers and friends love them. The key is to doing memorable pranks that do not hurt anybody, period, just humor.

Is it just me, or are you also incredibly sad to see RowdyBoy's name there as a GD host

knowing he is gone?

He was a nice person. We have so many people that are so wonderful on this site, and it is damn sad to lose any of them.

We have folks about to undergo surgery, people that we miss, and those who merely walked away from DU.

Makes me just a tad melancholy.

In any case, I offer a hug to any DUer that wants one, for a limited time only.

I've officially been offended by so many things

that I am incapable of being offended anymore. Well, no, I am, in fact, capable of being offended, but the normal things that people should be offended over, I've just been over-damn-offended.

Not sure if it could be entered into the contest

but here is what I would enter - my best friend

Reality Shift - Comic - Scandanavia and The World


"Just this today:

“Staff forgot to lock in internees. On thursday night, the staff on duty forgot to lock in six prisoners in Norrtälje, three of them convicted for murder. The prisoners used the opportunities to bake chocolate fudge cake in the shared kitchen and watch TV: “The cosiest evening we have had in a long time”, says one of the captives.”

This isn't the Onion, just a different reality.

They have universal health care, too, damn evil horrible people with no morals, humanity and ... Yeah, that looks like a nice place to live.

Comic starts here --> http://satwcomic.com/sweden-denmark-and-norway

I did a trap and release on a raccoon (pic added)

We all know the troubles I've had with them, but I don't despise them. This one was HUGE. She was being a nuisance due to the fact that she was about to drop about 5 kits.

I lured her into a trap with apple slices, and let her go in an area that was away from people.

If anyone had a reason to hate them, it would be me, but I don't work that way. Compassion is necessary for us to all get along on this spinning blue and green ball.

She weighed 35lbs. if she weighed anything.

DU Challenge

In the South, such systems as evaporation cooling do not work because the air itself is heavy with water, and that water itself is so warm, it contributes to the heat, and fans even cease to work.

You are hot, and if it gets too hot, even subsuming in water doesn't help, because it is hot, too - or there is a lack of unspoiled water to do so.

You just boil. Unless you can devise a refrigerant system that works under extreme humidity and extreme heat, you will not survive.

This is my challenge.

You possess no generated electricity.

What do you do in the deep South high humidity climate?

And this is, indeed, a challenge.


Oh God - I hope we aren't headed for a hellish summer

A hellish summer on the Gulf Coast means that we have a bunch of hurricanes, it is humid and you don't even have to live in the direct line of rage of the Gulf, you get the joys of humidity so high you can taste it, feel it, it smothers your nose and wearing nice clothes and driving a car becomes an exercise in trying to keep from drowning in the oppressive heat and humidity.

If you have ever walked across the hot pavement from your air conditioned building to meet a collegue for lunch, opened the car door, nearly got knocked down, you know what I refer to. You feigned illness as you headed back across the parking lot because there was no way you were getting in the car.

My fondest hope is that some of you up North can send us some of that snow down here, because I believe we are in for a boiling cauldron down here, and that never turns out well. Please don't be smug - we weren't either - we knew what happened was as bad for you as when we got decimated by Katrina. When it happens to us, though, it's just a different death. At least you can put more things on to keep from freezing to death - we just sit here and pray we don't boil.

And that is Aerow's editorial on "Good Lord I hope the summer isn't as bad as the start of spring." Oh, and can we have just one more tiny little cold front, please?


I defy the notion that our brothers and sisters from any region are as dumb as Tom Cotton. I'm from the south. I don't wake up every morning and posit, "Well what on Earth can I do today to be as stupid, racist and idiotic as I can"?

Arkansas_Granny sure doesn't. She's a peach. What about folks like me in the deep south like LuvNewcastle, and those in the PNW like countryjake (whom I have not congratulated yet on his win in the photo contest this month!).

I'm pretty sure that people in Alaska, like our esteemed bravenak or Blue_in_AK will also shun the title of red just because they live in a red state.

I'm not sure where you live, but I'm sorry to say, you probably live around some assholes. The point is to flower where ever you are, despite the assholes, and bring some light there. No matter where you live, there will be idiots. Don't be a part of them and stereotype a LOT of people that are trying to see a brighter light and a better future.

Another P5+1

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