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Profile Information

Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Feb 20, 2011, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 39,961

About Me

Love to cook, Code, Build Computers, Tae Kwon Do, write, observe local fauna (sometimes at peril) and argue about interesting topics. Typical Sagittarius.

Journal Archives

Jonah Crab Claws

I got a 2lbs. sack of these babies, and while I was dubious, they are freaking delicious!

Meaty, sweet and LUSH. Think Stone Crab with a shade more work required, but at a far lower price.

I ate the HECK out of them, and will buy more if I get the opportunity. They are as good as snow crab, if not better, and approach King Crab in the flaky, but hold the moisture texture.

Con: They have a very hard shell and are a !?#?# *insert your own pejorative* to clean.

They taste fabulous, though

Here's an article on them:


Dear people who make and sell things:

If I have substantial risk of harming myself or your product in the course of trying to extract it from hideously difficult packaging, you are DOING IT WRONG!

I can't possibly be the only one who has experienced this, and I've seen it in everything from computer parts, to ... here's some irony ... a pair of scissors. If I have to USE scissors to get into the package of scissors, well, what the hell did I need a pair of scissors for since I clearly already have a pair!?

If you quit smoking by transitioning to e-cigarettes

Have you truly quit smoking?

These are the best "cheat" I have ever tried, and I have tried *everything* to quit smoking. I've been off regular smokes for a week.

I don't stink of cigarettes, my lung capacity seems better, but I almost feel bad telling people "I quit smoking". Because I did (1 week) but I still have nicotine in my system.

On the plus side, I don't feel like going rabid, freaking out in public and wanting to destroy things like I did the last couple of times I quit.

Jon Stewart on National Security


He knocks it out of the park!

Lana Parrilla (the evil queen) on gay rights

Hits it out of the park.

Reasons to love the Evil Queen/Regina and Lana Parrilla (amazing LGBT speech)

Do we have an e-cig forum?

I only ask because they are helping me quit smoking,and my lungs are amazingly more clear.

I haven't used a regular cigarette (I used to smoke Reds) in 6 days.


I don't have the annoying hacking cough, I don't throw up the crap that smells of nicotine, and I have my wind back!

I think everyone could quit if I can. I've tried like 20 times. I sealed up the box of smokes, labeled that there was a specific number in them, and I'm on day 6

Every 7 years - Financial melt down

The last one, we bailed Wall Street out.

It nearly killed the middle class.

What is going to happen this time, I wonder, because we are DUE.

I'm not being a chicken little, just someone that has observed history, so here it comes again.

I humbly submit

this picture of a Gulf Coast Box turtle. We've been inundated by rain, and this little guy got stranded on the concrete of my drive as the water receded.

Found one of these guys baking in the driveway - Gulf Box Turtle

The flood waters have flushed them out, and they scramble.

Beautiful creatures, and before you ask, yes I returned it, but in a moisture rich, leaf littered part of the area
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