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summerschild's Journal
summerschild's Journal
February 16, 2013

Great comments from Wisconsin voters on this article and on Walker!

I remain amazed that Walker won the recall.

I continue to wonder if he really did.
February 8, 2013

I'm retired Postal (with almost 33 years). For at least 25 of those years we lived with the

Republicans trying to privatize USPS. It didn't get much press, but it was relentless. Greed is only one motivator. Power is another.

I'm not sure how many employees they have right now but it was about 500,000 last time I saw a number - (second largest employer in the US). About 90% of Postal employees were union when I retired. So they want to bust the unions BAD. That, of course, is for political power.

Sorry if my post sounded "excited" in any kind of negative way against unions, because I fully support them.

February 3, 2013

We've all known about the GOP's internal war

and I've been waiting for some clear signs on who is holding the power behind the Tea Party faction of that battle.

I'm placing my bet on the Koch brothers.

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