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summerschild's Journal
summerschild's Journal
November 12, 2014

Please don't overlook important points in the rest of the article.

I think in light of Ferguson and our most recent elections, in this country we are growing to understand "the illusion of democracy":

"His statement, however, is not unique to Mexico. The police in the United States are allowed to kill with impunity in order to hold down the most oppressed sectors of society, the very sectors that can threaten the stability of the status quo if mobilized. It is in the interest of the ruling class, whether in Mexico or the United States, to protect the capitalist system that allows them to exploit poor and working people.

We are taught that we can change our prospects through the ballot box because we live in a democracy. Our experiences have taught us that this is not true. Elections are an important arena of struggle for revolutionaries, but as we know them under this system we choose between puppets that represent no fundamental change – only maintain the illusion of democracy. This is a method used to impede the development of our consciousness. How is it beneficial for a homeless man to have the right to vote but not the right to a home?

Goldman is wrong. More drastic methods are entirely justified be used because literally the lives of our oppressed brothers and sisters across the world depend on it."

Certainly not calling for a revolution - just serves us a reminder of how revolutions are grown. We cannot continue to ignore what our people are justly calling for - we dash all hope of change at our own peril.

November 9, 2014

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

Ballots by mail have a lot going for them.

If you haven't read bradblog, you need to.


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